Sodomite adoption and the repeal of adultery laws...

Two news items, today. First, on voice vote this past week, New Hampshire lawmakers took the first step toward repealing a two-century-old law against adultery. The sponsor of the bill to repeal, state Representative Tim O'Flaherty, announced: "I don't think there's any appetite in New Hampshire to use police powers to enforce a marriage."

"Enforce a marriage?" Marriage is love and fruitfulness and submission and self-sacrifice and affection and intimacy and pillow-talk and fights and the longest and slowest of obediences that finally produces the joy of fiftieth and sixtieth anniversaries. Marriage is "two cats in the yard, life used to be so hard, now everything is easy 'cause of you." Marriage is Christ and His Church.

Trust me, Honorable Tim O'Flaherty, no one in these United States of America is thinking about using "police powers to enforce a marriage." Rather, our wise fathers and mothers of two centuries ago were acting in defense of husbands, wives, sons, daughters, grandsons, granddaughters, friends, and neighbors from the rapes, incest, sexually transmitted diseases, baby-murders, assaults, prostitution, and other crimes of passion that accompany adultery as surely as darkness accompanies night.

Which brings us to the second item: in southern Indiana, a sodomite was just sentenced to forty years imprisonment for crimes committed against a son he owned with his partner. The crimes are too awful to speak of. But what should be noted is that these sodomites bought their son from a surrogate mother with the express purpose of committing these crimes. Meanwhile, single mothers and lesbians and sodomites around the world are hounding civil magistrates for the right to go and do likewise...

and our civil magistrates are caving to this pressure.

So we go on our merry way ridding ourselves of laws against fornication, sodomy, bestiality, and adultery. We force adoption agencies and other NGO child services organizations to place innocent children in homes of sexual perversion. We turn a blind eye to single mothers who think nothing of a little child having to grow up without a father to love and teach and defend him or her.

But we're shocked—absolutely SHOCKED—to wake up and find ourselves surrounded by children who have spent their childhood being raped and tortured and grow up to rape and torture other children. Or worse, millions and millions and millions of children who never make it into the light of day because their mothers paid a medical ghoul to slaughter their little one while he or she was still in her womb.

Make no mistake about it: God sees every one of our evil deeds; He keeps track of every drop of innocent blood; and one day soon with perfect equity He will judge us.

Particularly preachers and pastors and deacons and elders who stood by in silence, salving their consciences that it was not their place to intermeddle in civil affairs.

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and fifteen grandchildren.


Mr. Bayly,

Are you suggesting that single (straight) men and women shouldn't adopt or produce children through artificial means even after being unable to a man or women suitable for marriage? Wouldn't that be depriving them of gift of having and caring for children?

>>Are you suggesting that single (straight) men and women shouldn't adopt or produce children through artificial means...

Yes, dear sir; that's what I'm saying. God ordained marriage and the fruitful marriage bed as the means by which He creates a child. Thus it is His decree that children be born into a lifelong, monogamous, heterosexual covenant union where they may grow up with both a father and mother who live in love. If we're going to talk about children's rights, this is their first right: to live with and be raised by a father and mother who are united in marriage and love one another.

So again, I don't believe in single parenthood. It's to be born up under when it's an act of God. And those who are sinned against by their spouse must do what they can to compensate for this tragedy forced upon them and their children. (The church can do much to assist them in this compensation, by the way; and the church should do much to assist them.)

Divorce robs the child of a father and mother united in marriage, and this is at the very top of the many reasons divorce is a crime against God and man.

There are always plenty of reasons to do evil that good may come of it. Single men and women adopting a child or using artificial insemination to purchase a child is evil because it is choosing fatherhood without motherhood or motherhood without fatherhood when God has decreed that fatherhood and motherhood belong together.

Of course, there are exceptions which we could discuss. But first, may we please all agree that God's law ordains children to be raised in a marriage and by both a father and mother, and neither the civil magistrate nor the single Christian nor church officers should fail to do everything in our power to guard children from being robbed of this basic human right.


What advise would you give an aspiring father with no marriage in the foreseeable future (not from a lack of trying).

>>What advise would you give an aspiring father...

Father your sons in the church, particularly those who have no earthly father or whose earthly fathers are absent or wicked. Love them. Teach them. Admonish them. Exhort them. Encourage them. Work with them. Help them oppose their desire for sexual immorality, and especially pornography. Help them choose a wife. Be their best man when they marry.

All these suggestions come from single men in our congregation who inspire me each day of my life.

With love in Christ,

The issue of single-parenthood-by-choice has been covered extensively on various threads on Baylyblog. Here is one: If I may toot my own horn, I made some valuable points in my discussion with Sue that I won't repeat here, but please click and read. Another thread which covered the subject is this one:

Dear Tim,

God bless you. This post, and the horrible story you linked to, stirred a great deal of fervor in me to love my children, and to be faithful to speak the truth regarding the bar of purity God holds us to.

I believe most modern day people are completely unaware of how common place unabashed and unrestricted, no holds barred pederasty was in the ancient world. I am not sure how far back we will slide in the present day; the gospel is a powerful antidote, but I admit that the unBiblical provincial wisdom that we are smarter today, so we can have gay marriage and acceptance of same sex, and even three-some couples, but avoid the more "debase" forms of sexuality like child sex and animal sex, is like an alcoholic deluding himself that he can handle himself with just one drink.

With the constant and accelerated caving of evangelical churches to unbiblical sexuality, such as appointing elders in the churches who have been divorced--even on grounds not sanctioned by Scripture, one wonders what will be the results of this and other departures from the truth.

Ty - as a single man, I can strongly agree with Tim's counsel to you as to what a single man can do in a church situation to be a 'father in the faith'. In my setting I look out for opportunities to 'pastor' (v loose use of the word) younger single men who have no immediate opportunity to marry (those who do have the opportunity to marry already have plenty of access to pastoral support, in the church I go to, and I couldn't say anything to help anyway).

This is motivated by a number of reasons, not the least of which is that generally, single men (ie not on an obvious path to marriage) are well off the pastoral "radar" (Tim is the obvious and honourable exception :-)). At one point, when I had a horde of questions in this area that my own pastor wasn't prepared or interested to help me with, I seriously contemplated going to a Catholic Charismatic priest to talk things through with him. I didn't do this, in the end ... but I did change church, once I'd separately found a pastor who could help.

Those men should be executed.

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