"A profound relative lack..."

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Under the subheading "Books," Google News has this headline:

Literature Still Urgently Needs More Non-White, Non-Male Heroes 

And here's their leadoff text: "As Vanessa Veselka wrote in The American Reader, there is a profound relative lack of female road narratives in the Western literary tradition. This absence hurt her..."

Whatever happened to...

mothers? Mother Monica, for instance; was she not St. Augustine's hero? Do I myself not miss my dear mother's admonitions and rebukes? Did she not form me into who I am and am I not forever grateful for her love and discipline? And what about you—is your mother not your hero, also?

You see, such whining permeates our culture and we must expose it as the attack on godly womanhood, wifehood, and motherhood it is. We must teach our daughters to see and reject it as the siren-call to glamarous apostasy it is. We must defend that safe place of nurturing femininity against Google News.

And about the road trips: I took many of them in my callow youth and they're vastly overrated. Read the genre's classic by Kerouac and you'll see it's simply a glorification of the Prodigal Son before he repented and returned to His Father.

Still, if our hearts yearn for non-white, female road narratives, how about a black mother writing an account of her family vacation with her husband and children this summer? I think that would be unendingly interesting, particularly if they went camping in the wild and wooly west.

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and big lots of grandchildren.

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