Pay me $500, then clap...

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Ah yes, Christian conferences. And now comes the Christian TED copping the style "Q." Audience members pay $500 for the curation of Christian insight and brilliance, ending up with some talking head from Christianity Today. It's like paying Beats $500 to curate sermons and you end up listening to Joel Osteen's smile.

Anyhow, Q was in N, recently, and the guys over at TF were invited...

Afterwards, TF's Hunter Baker had some good criticisms, including:

[Q's speaker] argued that it is not possible to present abstinence as the alternative to young people participating in the hook-up culture.  I think she is wrong about that, at least in terms of speaking to the church.  If we can’t present fundamental ideas about sin and holiness, then that would also mean that we can’t present Jesus Christ.  Better in my view to take a strong stand as the church and to insist on the real pursuit of holiness.  Go ahead and put a real alternative on the table.  The strongest critique of the church is not that it has the wrong ideals, but rather that it does not live up to them.  So, let us put a higher premium on holiness and let us model it for the world.


Tim Bayly

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