Amish romances...

Half the mass-market paperbacks sold today are romance novels, and I'll bet you didn't know that “Romance novels are feminist documents written almost exclusively by women, for women, and are concerned with women: their relations in family, love and marriage, their place in society and the world, and their dreams for the future.”

H. W. Crocker's little book, Robert E. Lee on Leadership, is excellent. In it Crocker records this excerpt from a letter Lee wrote his wife...

about the books he did not want his son Rooney to read:

Let him never touch a novel. They print beauty more charming than nature, and describe happiness that never exists. They will teach him to sigh after that which has no reality, to despise the little good that is granted us in this world and to expect more than is given.

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and fifteen grandchildren.


We should be thinking this way about what we watch on the tv. Should I be watching the show the cosmos or the walking dead or breaking bad? I like to watch the Cosmos but it will totally get me questioning whether or not God created everything the way he said he did. I also know Christians who watch and like the walking dead and breaking bad and I can't see at all how those shows are appropriate for Christians, but they watch them.

Would you pastors and elders call us to repentance on this, it's going to piss us off?

Tim, are you saying we shouldn't read novels?

We agree on so many things, it can almost get boring; but if that's what you're saying, no way. I often urge missionaries to read novels from the new culture in which they are living. Reading African fiction has helped me a lot. Preachers also will learn tons about their culture by reading novels. I could go on and on, but maybe that isn't what you're saying.

>>We agree on so many things, it can almost get boring; 

No, I'm not saying we shouldn't read novels. Rather, that they have dangers. Excellent suggestion that missionaries read novels from the target culture. I've recommended clueless men read Middlemarch.


Well, then, I guess it's back to being boring.

Chris has always said romance novels are porn for women. Unrealistic expectations form in one's mind.

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