"The Shack," starring Oprah...

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and fifteen grandchildren.




If anyone is not aware of how intensely and completely William Paul Young opposes the Word of God in The Shack, I did a write-up here.

The reason I took the time to study The Shack and catalog its errors was partly because a furloughing missionary's wife in my PCA church had endorsed the book, to the point of giving out copies to all the women in her small group (of which my wife was a part). Despite my work I don't think I was ever able to make her understand what the problem was.

Hey Daniel...thanks for writing that comprehensive review of that heretical book which honestly I hadn't heard of before reading this post....it's sad to see Michael W. Smith and Eugene Peterson endorsing it......

Rebecca I too went yawn but then I thought you know a lot of people I know look up to Oprah and are easily deceived by her new ageism and we should be knowledgeable about this book/movie and its heresies in order to counter its lies...

Interpretation of yawn was basically a way of saying, "What else is new? A bestseller attempting to package the gospel in a box of heresy is now being turned into a movie with one of the main characters being portrayed by one of pop cultures leading heretics." Shocker.

And, if you needed another reason to avoid Starbucks, Miz Winfrey and the Starbucks-owned Teavana have teamed up to create "Oprah Chai" available at Teavana and Starbucks.

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