Exploring a new church plant in Cincinnati...

Outwardly, there was nothing special about church this Sunday. Yet it filled me with joy. Planned by David Abu-Sara and led by David Pryor, it was a beautiful service. How thankful to God I am for His allowing me serve as pastor of Clearnote Church, Indy. In one sense, Sunday made me sad to think about leaving Indianapolis. Who would want to leave behind the sweet fellowship of a fruitful church? Yet talking to my wife Heidi Sunday afternoon, I told her I was more excited than ever to leave. The church has been established and is growing. Faithful men have been ordained and installed as elders. There is a sweet spirit of love and faith and repentance. Our work here is gradually coming to an end.

The thought of leaving was a bit of a shock last year when it first came to me. But as I began to discuss it with others and sought their counsel, it became more and more clear that God is calling us to plant another church. I've asked Clearnote Indy to prepare to send me out in early 2015, hopefully to Cincinnati, OH...

Some of you have already heard this news, but now I want to make it public, spreading the word and getting feedback.

If you want to see it happen, would you please let us know why? If you have a desire to see another biblical church focussed on pastoral care planted in Cincinatti, would you please shoot me an email? Or call me at 812-360-5909.

Lord willing, in the coming months there will be more info as things solidify. If you'd like to get updates, sign up for our list here

Joseph and his wife, Heidi, have two children, Tate and Eliza Jane. He graduated from Vanderbilt University and Clearnote Pastors College. Currently serving as pastor of Clearnote Church in Indianapolis, Joseph is also working to plant a church in Cincinnati in 2015. Sign up here if you would like more info.


I wish you would plant a church in the far western suburbs of Washington, DC, in Northern Virginia, like Fairfax, Centreville, Manassas, Gainesville . . .

The area is nearly void of effective Reformed teaching.

Dear Mr. Reeves,

Pretty much any time I mention this plan to people from outside Indianapolis or Cincinnati, I get a response similar to yours. “Have you ever considered planting a church in such and such city? It really needs a good church.” 

I don’t say this at all to dismiss your comment. On the contrary, I agree completely and want to emphasize the fact that there is a real need for faithful churches all over the country. This has been a consistent prayer of our church, that God would raise up faithful men to establish and lead his Church. In fact, when I first spoke to some of the men here about my desire, one of them pointed out that it would be an answer to our prayer, just not the one he was hoping for or expecting. 

Thus, regarding your particular location, I can only say that I wish it as well. Please join us in praying for it, and may God continue to answer our prayers offered by faith.



One word: Purdue.
Er, I mean, Muncie.

Tim, you’re cracking me up. :) 

I know I'm supposed to call you on the phone, but I'll make my post online here. Cincinnati is my hometown. I was raised on the eastside of town from elementary through college. It is a place that is politically conservative, and spiritually in need of Biblical churches that central tenets are Biblical Preaching, Discipleship, and Pastoral Care. What it really needs is faithful men to lay down their lives and tell people there is hope via repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. The eastside of Cincinnati is particularly lost. A lot of people I love and care for, have lost hope, turned to drugs, sexual immorality and need someone to be honest, up front and Biblical in dealing with their sins. There are many churches in town, but they lack zeal and love comfort. That is my two sense for one of the towns I call home and love deeply.

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