Tetzel, eat your heart out...

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"As soon as a coin in the coffer rings / the soul from purgatory springs." - Johann Tetzel's pitch as he sold the indulgences that funded the Sistine Chapel.

Amazon has started a Christian book imprint called Waterfall. Publisher Mark Pereira explains Waterfall's mission to the Library Journal:

Our main focus [at Waterfall] is to publish books that entertain and inform readers with a transforming message (that includes) Christian Living through spiritual refreshment and personal growth (as well as) stories in the romance, mystery, and suspense genres.

Books with a transforming message that entertains readers. Christian Living and spiritual refreshment through mystery, suspense, and romance. 

The recent merger of Zondervan and Thomas Nelson Publishing is now called HarperCollins Christian Publishing and the same Library Journal article reports this explanation by HC Christian Publishing executive Tracy Danz of their market for Christian fiction...

"(A) lot of it is patron and homeschool driven,” said Danz. It’s also less overtly faith-based. “The lines are blurred for romance, and parents think the books are ‘safe,’ so we pull in middle school and high school readers, too.”

Last, but not least, World reports Mark Driscoll just spent $210,000 of his congregation's tithes and offerings on marketing ploys (I speak euphemistically) that guaranteed his Real Marriage a short appearance on the New York Times Bestseller List.

You know, they tell me he's Reformed, but if this is Reformed, what on earth is Deformed?

Is the Church capable of shame? Has anyone read the record of Jesus' cleansings of the Temple?




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