Complementarians trying to defeat feminism through compromise...

This from Baylyblog correspondent, Fr. Bill Mouser:

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I am encouraged by a recent expansion of from where ever it is headquartered (California?) to include new centers of guerrilla journalism in Texas and London. The head of their London outfit is a fellow named James Dillingpole whose work I always enjoyed and took courage from when he was writing columns for The Telegraph.

What I want to share with you is his explanation for taking the headship of the Breitbart news organization in London.I encourage you to read it...

What caught my attention as I read it is this: Dillingpole has a very clear understanding of the “spirit” of the leftist, statist, collectivist, feminist, eco-fascists that pretty much have free run of the place, no matter where your place is (unless you live in an impossibly irrelevant backwater somewhere). His parable about dog (you-know-what) and yogurt is hilarious, and though he never precisely mentions the contention between Biblical patriarchy and feminism, what he describes in the parable fits the dynamics of that contest to a tee. Or, so it seems to me.

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and fifteen grandchildren.


This reminds me of the Complementarian leader who recently denied patriarchy was a biblical word (so he wasn't going to defend it) but then proceeded to argue that we must defend headship. I asked him if he was going to forgo the use of the word Trinity, since that wasn't a biblical word, either.


Loved that response, Kamilla! One wonders why such a leader would be a leader in a movement coined by a term not found in the Bible. One would wonder...just wonder, though.

Well, of course Craig! But I'd already done that one with him ;-) he didn't care for that either.

In fact, after sending me an early draft of one chapter in his new book, he apparently became so miffed at my (genuinely mildly critical) suggestions, I didn't even rate a review copy when the book came out. Sigh.

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