On children's preparation for manhood and womanhood...

Fascinating article on children's play forwarded by my daughter, Michal. There's almost nothing here that caused me to cringe or disagree. I'd simply like to point out that it may be better to think of much of children's play as simply little men and women practising for manhood and womanhood.

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and fifteen grandchildren.


The article could have also mentioned how much less play takes place in homes with only one child. Play must be planned, scheduled and arranged there whereas it happens spontaneously when siblings are around.

I think this is so true:

Outside school, adult-directed sports (which are not truly play) began to replace impromptu games (which are play).

The whole situation with sports and kids in America is just crazy. I don't want my kids in this league and that league. But I sure do want them to play games!

less play takes place in homes with only one child

It's ironic that many people say having lots of children takes away their children's opportunity to have a good childhood!

You're right, Crystal, that is ironic! I recently had a mother-of-one ask me how I (mother or 3, soon to be 4) could handle being forced to split my love between so many children. She was terrified to have a second child because of the risk of loving her first child less. I told her that my love for my children has only grown, as well as my heart's ability to love. Love is not something you can calculate into fractions! I was amazed that she actually believed that.

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