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[NOTE: This post has been edited to correct a mistake concerning chronology.]

Today, I decided to check to see what happened to John MacArthur's compensation by Grace to You and Masters College and Seminary as reported in the 2012 IRS 990s? The 2012 990s (reporting on 2011) are the next year of figures that have been made available since the last time we wrote here on Baylyblog. Again, the IRS requires MacArthur to reveal these numbers. Thus the numbers here that are not estimates are public records.

Here then are the more recent 2011 figures compared to our previous 2010 figures...

2010            2011          John MacArthur's Income

$47,000       $103,000     (108% one-year increase) 40 hrs p/week at Masters College

$222,000     $402,000     (81% one-year increase) 20 hrs p/week at Grace to You

Add to the above John MacArthur's other personal income, speaker's fees, etc.:

$200,000    $200,000      conservative estimate of Grace Community Church salary

$200,000    $200,000      conservative estimate of royalties

$669,000    $905,000      TOTAL ANNUAL INCOME (projected)


Then consider this increase in the annual contract John (GTY) pays to his son-in-law:

$658,000    $694,000     Grace to You paid The Welch Group for video work (an example)

The figures above are reprehensible, but we're so attached to celebrity culture, we feel no shame.

Tim Bayly

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