Your tax and missions dollars at work...

Vice President Joe Biden and our new ambassador to Japan, Caroline Kennedy, have been tag-teaming Tokyo, hectoring the Japanese over their national failure to push mothers out of their homes and into office cubicles and factories. Joltin Joe and his pretty sidekick say Japanese women need to stop caring for elderly family members and children and begin to do something constructive that will show up in Japan's gross domestic product. Something like programming a robot instead of teaching a child. Something like feeding hundreds of adults in a cafeteria instead of their children in their own kitchen.

This is what our tax dollars pay for: American women who despise femininity and motherhood moving to foreign countries where they work to pollute those nations with our most contagious disease... When they get off the plane, Japanese public health officials ought to quarantine them. Instead, Ms. Kennedy was given the mic which she used to tell Japan's prime minister that "Womenomics" (the removal of mothers from their homes and children) is a moral issue (link may not work; I'm not a WSJ subscriber, but for some reason, I was able to read this piece):

"I was impressed that Prime Minister Abe used our first meeting to showcase and discuss his commitment to Womenomics. I believe the prime minister understands that this is not just a women's issue. It's a men's issue. It's a family issue, an economic and a national security issue, and it's a moral issue."

As I said, your tax dollars at work.

But then I got to thinking and it came to me that this is the same contagious disease that is exported by American missionaries to countries around the world, and those missionaries are funded by Evangelical churches' missions budgets. Your missions dollars at work. Certainly not God's missions dollars.

Around the world, you will find that converts to Christianity are the first ones in their nation and culture to sicken with the feminist heresy. In Africa, it's the wealthy women in Evangelical churches who work outside the home, leaving their children to be raised by another less-educated woman with lower aspirations who is paid to do the work the children's mother doesn't want to do. And the missionaries are pleased with the sophistication of their converts. Certainly not God's converts.

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and fifteen grandchildren.


Why ought we think that missionaries spread feminism?  I'm guessing for some from the mainline churches, it's on purpose, and for a lot of others, the natives notice that the kids are in mission boarding school while Mom and Dad are both working full time plus. 

Ugh.  What other possible reasons?  Maybe that too many missionaries are not exactly theologically grounded enough to avoid the siren song of the famous evangelical feminists in too many pulpits?

Mainline churches don't do missions any more. They leave it to Unicef, the World Bank, World Vision, and the United Nations. And Evangelicals don't do missions any more. They go to linguistics conferences and get Ph.D.s and teach ESL and counsel missionaries and their children and send missions letters out telling us about their children's academics and sports and adjustment at boarding school and college. (Not that we don't love their children and don't want to know those things, but wouldn't it be good to hear about ummm ministry? Evangelism? Persecution, even; but at least suffering? Baptisms? The condition of their church? The battles in their church? Or, if I may put it this way, the growth or decline of the Kingdom of God?

Who preaches or plants churches at this late date? Who appoints elders in every city any more?

And as to missionaries exporting the feminist cancer, it's Evangelical missionaries who do it. Again and again. I've spent my life watching them do it, even intentionally and explicitly. But even when it's hidden, they can't help but do it. Feminism is the culture of Evangelicalism they can't help infecting others with.

For years I've been listening to women and men complain about the ways the PCA's Missions to the World promotes feminism overseas. One of MTW's area directors recently resigned because he could not agree with the home office's feminist commitments applied to his territory. Another missionary friend of mine resigned from MTW years ago because he couldn't keep MTW missionaries from acting in solidarity with the ordination of women pastors in the European country where he served. Another former MTW man and his wife stopped just shy of taking up their assignment to serve overseas where they were to be seconded to a church with women elders.

Of course, MTW's leaders would never be honest enough to say they are feminists, nor would the recently-resigned area director feel the freedom to give a proper clinical diagnosis to the disease. But working with and under female pastors and elders, and female missionaries governing, ruling, exercising authority over MTW's male missionaries is the symptom, and I've never seen a case of rabies or tuberculosis or Arianism that manifested those symptoms.

Know what I mean?

And there's not another blog in the country you'll find this reported. All the good old boys will wait until the disease has metastasized to Stage IV cancer before they'll admit what they've known for twenty years, and done nothing about.


Bear in mind, regardless of the success of Biden/Kennedy's ministrations, Japan still has one of the lowest birthrates in the world, well below replacement rate.  Which begs the question: what ARE the women there doing all day?!

Thanks for the clarification, Tim.

Bertie, to paraphrase Weird Al from "Buckingham Blues", they're certainly not "hanging 'round the house all day makin' babies and stuff".

Another thought on this; one would also think that even Joe Biden might realize that Tokyo traffic is pretty darned awful even without most women working outside the home, and that his initiative would, if "successful", bring that great metropolis to a standstill.  

OK, obviously I overestimated Biden's intelligence, or perhaps he's trying to do just what I suggested.  But on the bright side, kudos to Japanese families for resisting the siren song of career for at least this long.

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