Man survives 3 days at bottom of Atlantic

LAGOS, Nigeria — About 100 feet down, on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, divers had already pulled four bodies out of the sunken tugboat. Then a hand appeared on a TV screen monitoring the recovery.

Everyone assumed it was another corpse, and the diver moved toward it. But when he went to grab the hand, the hand grabbed him!

Harrison Odjegba Okene, the tug’s Nigerian cook, had survived for three days by breathing an ever-dwindling supply of oxygen in an air pocket...As the temperature dropped to freezing, Okene, dressed only in boxer shorts, recited a psalm his wife had sent him earlier by text message, sometimes called the Prayer for Deliverance. “Oh, God, by your name, save me...The Lord sustains my life.”

Read more from the Washington Post.

“I started calling on the name of God...I started reminiscing on the verses I read before I slept. I read the Bible from Psalms 54 to 92. My wife had sent me the verses to read that night when she called me before I went to bed...”

Completely amazing. Go read Mr. Okene's full story:


I am a little dumbfounded that no one is amazed at this story. The miraculous nature of this man's rescue should have Christians on their knees thanking God for His unfathomable Providence. Instead it seems to be being treated with a shrug and a hearty "ho hum."

" ... a shrug and a hearty 'ho hum.'"

Folks who react this way have never faced travail larger than an ingrown fingernail. I wonder if they'll remember this man who threw himself on the mercies of the Lord when they find themselves in true trouble?

I found the story dumbfounding. One of those stories where you pull out the word, "gobsmacked." I initially saw the story as posted by a friend on Facebook. The image that was displayed was that hand dimly seen through the murky water. A hand that the diver thought was just another body till it grabbed his hand. The image gave me the shivers and I didn't initially even want to watch the video or read about it. I commented something about it being both amazing and absolutely terrifying and the friend who posted it responded by saying. "Never give up, Aaron." 

That was convicting because I know that I would have rather have faced death than to confront that kind of horror. Wouldn't most of us? We don't know what we would have done until we are tested, but...I'm a pretty creative guy and I spent many hours on the school bus with my friends dreaming of methods of execution and torture (don't all middle school boys do this?) but I've never thought up a method of terror like being trapped in a dwindling air bubble in a sunken tug boat at the bottom of the Atlantic. O, and it's freezing cold...and sharks...All I can do is laugh nervously...

Praise God for this story!

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