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At the considerable risk of sounding like one of those insuffurable coffee snobs ...

Please, pretty please with sugar on it ... if you love coffee and grind beans just before roasting, consider the benefits of roasting your own coffee at home. It's easy peasy as pie. No, much much easier than making any pie would want to name (excepting, perhaps, mud pie). 

Go to Youtube and search on these words: heat gun coffee roasting. There's an incredible number of videos of men roasting coffee in their garages. No women at all! Obviously, roasting coffee is supremely manly. But, my wife ~loves~ the coffee she brews for herself in the morning, coffee that I roasted for her just a handful of days previously.

Costs are low, low, low. I use a $25 heat gun, a $3.47 stainless steel dog bowl, and a long wire whisk I cabbaged out of a kitchen cabinet.

The resultant coffee is cheap, cheap, cheap. The coffee at the link Pr. Tim has provided sells roasted coffee at around $15+/lb (normal for internet prices). I've never paid more than $4/lb for green coffee beans; as low as $2.75/lb.

But, I'll put up ~freshly~ roasted coffee against anything already roasted that you can get in the stores or by the mail. By the time it gets to you that way, the bloom is faded considerably.

And the variety! Since beginning, I've drunk coffee from Sumatra, Bolivia, Peru, Brazil, San Salvador, Guatamala, Nicaragua, Ethiopia (three different varieties thus far), Kenya, and Mexico. Yes, they all taste differently, even to this aged palate. Where did your coffee come from? How long ago was it roasted?

+1 on the Aeropress. For an even cheaper option, and in my opinion a better tasting cup with the right technique, try the Melitta filtercone. I picked one up at the local grocery for $3.

As far as home roasting, we pretty much don't drink anything but. We use the West Bend Air Crazy which is usually $20 at Menards, and you can often find a used popper at a thrift store for $2 or $3. 

Oh, Fr. Bill, we are roasting some Ethiopian right now for Christmas gifts, both regular and decaf (who knew decaf could taste so good?).

Can't bear coffee but tea is another matter.  Yorkshire Tea is tops, you can get two cups out of one bag, assuming you don't use it loose, and the flavor is superior.

Mmm... I like gifts! Great post!

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