Why Evangelical and Reformed gnostics hate Doug Wilson, RCJR, and Doug Phillips...

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One longtime friend of Baylyblog commented under Pastor Wegener's post, "What's up with the Aquilla report...". First quoting another's criticism of Doug Phillips, Ross followed with his own question:

//Maybe because Doug Phillips was a legalist who majored in minors and encouraged people to live by an increasingly strict set of man made rules?//

With an eye to the reputation Bill Gothard got for himself, is this comment about Doug and the Vision Forum ministry a fair one? (I don't know, honest).

To which I respond:

Ross, the other thing worth saying about Doug Phillips, RCJR, and Doug Wilson—the three patriarchalists that female feminists claiming to be Christians live to gossip about and spit on—is that, in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

But let's change this slightly: in the land of blind Reformed Evangelicals, the one-eyed man is a monster. Evangelicals, Reformed or otherwise, hate any man who has faith, particularly when that faith is demonstrated in the most earthy and organic matters of sexual body parts and what we do or don't do with them.

Because Reformed Evangelicals are gnostic, we refuse to be pinned down with anything except words—and even those confessional words have no visible content...

They're just vain repetitions: "God's decrees," "God's Providence," "God's Sovereignty;" and always and perpetually, "justification by grace alone through faith alone."

Contrary to our confessions, though, that faith is always by itself. There's never any obedience.

Then along come three men who, with the joyful support of their godly wives, call us to live God's decrees, trusting in His providence and submitting joyfully to His sovereignty in making one man/adam (Hebrew 'adam' is God's name for the race, both men and women) a man and another man/adam a woman, in commanding us to be fruitful and multiply while Himself opening and closing wombs; and in the land of the blind, all Hell cuts loose.

There's little that Reformed gnostic Evangelicals hate more than men who live by faith in the flesh and blood matters of sexuality, and that's the reason they attack Doug, RCJR, and Doug.

But I say, "God bless them."

Privately, my own church and blood family know I am diffident about the family-centered church movement most closely identified with Doug Phillips. I'd prefer we talk about the church-centered family (which I did recently at the WPC's Heritage Conference in Vancouver, Washington.) Also, I've always felt a bit of an ick-factor over the cloying graphics of Vision Forum.

But note these are not the things Doug Phillips has been attacked for over the years. Overwhelmingly, what he and RCJR and Doug Wilson are attacked for is their straightforward and unapologetic commitment to 2,000 years of Biblical faithfulness in giving our sexuality to God as our confession of true Christian faith. They are attacked for being shepherds who call Christian men to take responsibility for women and children, who call Christian women to give themselves to motherhood, who call Christian children to honor their fathers and mothers, and who call all Christians everywhere to honor their elderly parents by having them live in our homes where we love and care for them until death. You know, no Corban stuff for us.

Rabid feminists claim to be Biblical, but by their fruitlessness we shall know them. They viciously attack these men for their "militant fecundity," for instance. (See former PCA Moderator Dominic Aquilla's promotion of such feminists in this headline from his Aquilla Report concerning Doug Phillip's adultery:

"Thinking Thoughtfully About Doug Phillips’ Resignation: It is past time to challenge the church to clearly examine the teachings within the patriarchy, family integrated church, and militant fecundity movements and warn each other of their dangers" by Karen Campbell

That phrase "militant fecundity" demonstrates perfect godlessness at the most important juncture of faith and life. No previous generation of God's Covenant People would or could have understood such a phrase, but today it appeals to all the Reformed Evangelical gnostic Christians who claim to be confessional while loving money and status and education and hating God.

(NOTE FROM TB: A brother in Christ just sent me a message telling me that it was Doug Phillips who quoted Scott Brown's use of the phrase "militant fecundity." I insert that information here, but haven't changed what I've written above because it would not make this correction as clear if I did. So I apologize to Dominic Aquila and Karen Campbell for not accurately identifying the source of this phrase, and specifically that the source is not those writing and editing the Aquilla Report, but Doug Phillips himself. PS: I have searched Scott Brown's web site and find that "militant fecundity" is simply a title Scott gave to a post providing a link to another blogger's post on fruitfulness.)

So, as I said, Doug Phillips and RCJR and Doug Wilson are one-eyed men in their fairly tepid affirmations of God's Creation Order of Adam first, then Eve; and God's oft-repeated command that we "be fruitful and multiply," "fill the earth," and "propagate a godly seed" for Him. I say "fairly tepid" because that's what their writing and speaking is compared with past generations of Christian fathers addressing these issues. I don't say it to diss any one of the three of them. I honor them for having the faith to be fairly tepid in such a wicked day and age when faithless feminists committed to rebellion and fruitlessness will attack them and their dear wives for their "militant fecundity." 

As I said, in the land of the blind, Reformed and gnostic Evangelicals will call the one-eyed men "monsters."

As for Bill Gothard, he was child-rearing for engineers and engineers converted through Campus Crusade ministries were helped by his teaching. Linear—very, very linear. Engineers are great when I'm in an elevator or driving across a bridge, but I'm very grateful to God I didn't grow up with an engineer for a father. Unless, of course, it was a railroad engineer! Then I would have been able to sneak onto a locomotive and drive it!

Having said all the above, I'm very sorry that Doug Phillips fell and seduced a woman into adultery. He made a shipwreck of his faith and ministry and now must seek repentance from the Holy Spirit and spend the rest of his life working hard to rebuild his marriage and family, also praying for the others whose homes and families he's destroyed. This is very sad and we pray for our dear bother, doing so knowing how easy it is to fall and how much each of us has to be thanful to God for that we've not fallen as Doug has.

Really though, sad as it is, this is a very old story. Remember King David bedding Bathsheba and then murdering her husband? Remember that David repented and God called him "a man after God's Own heart?" Remember the terrible consequences in David's life, starting with God killing the firstborn child of David and Bathsheba's adultery? Remember their next son was chosen by God to succeed David?

Well, long response to a very short question, but those are my thoughts. All of us should praise God for the godly work that's been done by the half-hearted patriarchalists of our day calling us to present our bodies a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to our God, which is our reasonable act of worship.

Our bodies.


Tim Bayly

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