What's up with the Aquila Report...

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Once upon a time, I used to check the Aquila Report, daily, to see what was up in the Reformed World. But now, something has changed over there and I'll check it no more.

You could almost hear the squeals of delight when Doug Phillips issued his apology for his moral failure. Several articles have been posted saying, “I told you so—that’s what you get with patriarchy.” All that was missing were emoticons of shaking heads, clucking sounds, and "meows"....

Most of the articles commit some variation of the post hoc, ergo propter hoc fallacy. Doug the patriarch fell morally and his failure is because he was a patriarchalist.

How does that follow? The only way you can get there is to make a caricature of patriarchy—that it's the view of misogynist men who lack confidence and gravitas, and hope to gain such by regarding women as inferior and themselves as little kings. The women married to these patriarchs are pitied as little better than one of the multiple wives of a Mormon polygamist.

Why are links like this being posted on the Aquila Report? Why are so many of the articles by women? Is Dominic Aquila trying to turn his site into a slightly Calvinistic Christianity Today?

Something’s going on over there, but what is it?

David Wegener

David is an ordained Teaching Elder (Pastor) in the Central Indiana Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church in America. Formerly serving in theological education in Africa with Mission to the World, he and his wife currently live in their hometown of Bloomington, IN.