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Wonderful testimony to our Lord Jesus Christ. Wonderful example of fatherhood after the Father Almighty, a mother in Israel, and brotherhood in Christ. Thanks, Taylor.

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and fifteen grandchildren.


Very Encouraging. Thanks

Absolutely wonderful!  What a way to start my day.  Thank you.


That was awesome.

It was encouraging and awesome!

What I don't really understand is why the Robertson family gets a pass, despite being part of the Church of Christ, yet people who are part of the PCA such as Tim Keller and Dominic Aquila seem to get skewered here, even though you'd have far, far more in common with them than with the Robertsons...

This seems to be common on lots of Christian blogs. People who are actually on the same page as us get criticized for differences in the more minutae level of things, yet others get praised because "They're Christian too" even though their theology is far more different than the people from the same denomination!

Dear Steve,

Short answer: my sons don't send me video clips of Tim Keller or Dominic Aquilla. 

Mid-length answer: my sons and I have more in common with the Robertsons than Tim Keller.

Long answer: feminism and its fruit of abortion and sodomy, evolution, the parable of the Prodigal Son really being about the elder brother; turning the Biblical doctrine of Hell into a morality play about narcissism...

Must I go on?

These and many other errors promoted by Keller and his fan-boys are anything but "differences in the more minutae level of things."

With love,

Possibly for the same reason that Machen said he had far more in common with an orthodox Roman Catholic than he had with a liberal Presbyterian.

I Am Second is a ministry founded by Norm Miller, who is also the Chairman of Interstate Batteries. Their Mission is "To glorify God..." Thankfully the Lord has made some men unashamed of the Gospel, a remnant who knows that Jesus Christ is King! Thanks for sharing, Tim. Much love,

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