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Regular readers of Baylyblog know David and I have been warning souls against the R2K error for years, now. We are quite serious in saying that the men who promote this error pose one of the gravest threats to the Church of our time because their sales pitch is perfectly tuned to the sinful tendencies of postmodern Reformed church officers who feel shame at the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Worldling: "Are you really telling me I shouldn't love the man I love simply because he's a man, and not a woman? What gives you the right to diss my love life? Who do you think you are?"

R2K man: "No, you misunderstand me; I'm not telling you that you shouldn't love the man you love simply because he's a man, and not a woman. I'm telling you that I shouldn't love a man simply because he's a man, and not a woman. But I don't want to be triumphalist about it. I think you should have marriage rights just like everybody else! So now, dont' you think I'm a nice guy?"

Watch that word 'triumphalist'—it's key...

R2K men are opposed to standing for God other than in the privacy of their own church and home. Out in the world, their only commitment is to oppose Christian commitments out in the world. They avoid any situation where they may appear to others as standing for the Word of God and the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Proclaiming repentance and faith in Jesus Christ in the public square is strictly to be avoided. Someone ought to have gagged the Apostle Paul when he was preaching in the Areopagus. Preaching righteousness to those souls about to perish in the Flood is strictly to be avoided. Someone ought to have gagged Noah. The public condemnation of the adultery and incest of the civil magistrate is strictly to be avoided. Someone should have gagged John the Baptist.

Avoid triumphalism at all costs. Be meek and humble. Don't make waves. Don't appear political. Make it clear to everyone you're no culture warrior. Gag the Word of God. Put a straitjacket on the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Cede the earth to the demons. Avoid triumphalism at all costs.

This is the only principle of R2K men. More evidence of this comes from this exchange with Escondido teacher Dave VanDrunen reported by Doug Wilson, who writes:

This last weekend... I asked David VanDrunen ...what God would think of a nation whose magistrate and people had become overwhelmingly (and sincerely) Christian, and who decided to confess Christ in the common realm, in the formerly secular realm. I asked if God would be displeased with that, and VanDrunen said yes, he thought God would be displeased with that.

Hart and VanDrunnen are identical in their commitment to avoid the slightest appearance of triumphalism. You need know nothing more about the R2K error than that. And nothing more about true Christian faith than that, in the pursuit of the triumph of the Cross of Jesus Christ, millions of men and women of God across two millenia have been martyred for their public witness to the holiness of God, the conviction of sin and righteousness and judgment of the Holy Spirit, and the universal Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Starting with our beloved Deacon, Stephen.

Tim Bayly

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