'I realised that these were insects painted onto the wings...'

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A few weeks ago, a tweeted photo of a particular fruit fly caused quite a buzz among biologists and even meandered its way into the New York Times. Of course everyone is tripping over themselves to avoid any acknowledgment of God's beauty and design, but sometimes even scientists can't help themselves...

Dr Brigitte Howarth describes her first encounter with Goniurellia tridens:

I was looking at the stem of the leaves and I noticed that there were some insects crawling around. When I sort of honed in I started to notice what I thought was a couple of ants moving around...(At first she suspected an infestation on the fly's wings.) ...But it was so symmetrical that I thought, 'oh this is not possible'. When I got it under the microscope I realised that these were insects painted onto the wings...The image on the wing is absolutely perfect.

The New York Times includes the following update from the Facebook account of Mike Moffett, known as "Dr Bugs." (Yep, the NYT cites Facebook!) 

...as someone who has studied ants for years and also jumping spiders (salticids), I can tell you that that fly has spider images in its wings, not ants. This happens in a variety of species, I’ve even photographed one for National Geographic. Unlike ants, jumping spiders are visual and see their image in the wings, I’ve watched them dance to [an] image (thinking it a mate) rather than eat the prey.

"While we contemplate in all creatures, as in a mirror, those immense riches of his wisdom, justice, goodness, and power, we should not merely run them over cursorily, and, so to speak, with a fleeting glance, but we should ponder them at length, turn them over in our mind seriously and faithfully, and recollect them repeatedly." - John Calvin, Institutes 1:14

‘The sight of a feather in a peacock’s tail, whenever I gaze at it, makes me sick!’  – Charles Darwin, in a letter to botanist Asa Gray, April 3, 1860...and other breathtaking foolishness: