Homeschooling family flees Germany (I)...

Pastor Matthew was in town to visit his son doing graduate work at IU and I had the joy of sitting down with him to talk. After several hours together, I thought it was a waste that no one else was in the room listening, so I asked Luke Trout, our resident video expert, if we could rerun the conversation with him recording it for the blog? He was kind enough to agree and here's the first half.

Pastor Matthew covers much ground, but pay particular attention to his what he has to say about American missionaries in Europe, the dangers homeschooling parents face in the European Union today, the attack upon fatherhood in Germany, the unique challenges he and his wife and children run into living among, and preaching the Gospel to, gypsies in their village in Romania.

Luke Trout has broken the interview in half and this is the first half. We'll post the second half in a few days.

Matthew W part1 from Clearnote Church on Vimeo.

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and fifteen grandchildren.


The part about home/homeschool as closed fortress versus open center of ministry is a big deal. Left to itself the day-to-day details of schooling suck up all the time and energy of the mother and kids, leaving no time for others.

How to do differently? My family's context is we've currently got five, ages 9 down to 1, and maybe we're in a time when it's hard to be ministering and it will be easier in later years. I don't think it will be easier later though. I think we need to learn and begin to make application now.

I wonder if the strangers the Wunderlichs welcomed to their table were there only when Mr. Wunderlich was there, or at other times. Was Mr. Wunderlich able to be home during the day? I think I would want to be there when my family welcomed strangers into the home, so for us it seems like home-as-center-of-ministry would start with the evening meal.

I would like to talk with Mr. Wunderlich or others who have practiced opening their home while also getting the homeschool work done. I suspect that for them it goes beyond the evening meal --- but how do they do it?

>>>but how do they do it?

I see that I was confused about the interviewee's last name. I'll expand my wish to anyone whose last name starts with 'W'.

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