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Last week, Mary Lee and I joined Pastor Jerid Krulish and his wife, Aria, and the souls of Westminster Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Vancouver, Washington, for their 2013 Annual Heritage Conference. It was a great weekend and we appreciated the kind hospitality of all, but especially Elder Tom Berkompas and his wife, Cindy, and their wonderful chilldren who fed and coffeed us to our heart's content.

Here are the titles of the messages...

Session I: The Family-Centered Church: The New Testament repeats God's covenant promises to fathers concerning their households. The Church is to work to assure that her households are ordered towards the fulfillment of those promises.

Session II: The Church-Centered Family: The New Testament reinforces the primacy of the Household of God over the household of man. Water is thicker than blood, and the Christian father never stops leading his household to rejoice in and love our Mother Church.

Session III: Passing the Baton: The New Testament teaches that church officers are "fathers" of "God's Household." The godly Christian father, then, will work towards his sons and daughters becoming sons and daughters of the Church.

Sunday morning, we joined the congregation in corporate worship and my sermon title was "Jews Have No Dealings with Samaritans" from John 4:1-43.

We have been with the brothers and sisters of Westminster several times and each time we come away strengthened by our fellowship with their officers and wives, and the parents and children of the congregation. Thank you, Westminster, for your love for the Lord, His Word, and His Church; and also for your great kindness to us!

There are many things about Westminster worth commending, but particularly the desire of Westminster's women to give their lives to motherhood. One excellent predictor of the sincerity of a church's faith is the average number of children of her families. Westminster has many, many blessings from God, making it a joyful household of faith.

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and big lots of grandchildren.

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