Bayly family history on the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address...

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Today is the 150th anniversary of President Lincoln's Gettysburg Address.

Permit me the personal privilege of telling readers the site of Lincoln's address is special to Baylys since Lincoln spoke in Evergreen Cemetery (entrance pictured above). Lincoln's address was given less than a stone's throw from the Bayly family plot where our fathers Joseph Tate Bayly III, II, and I and their wives, as well as JTB I's father, John Bayly, and his wife Jean McQueen Bayly are buried.

My father was Joseph Tate Bayly IV, my eldest brother JTB V, my son is JTB VI, and my grandson JTB VII. So where did the name Joseph Tate Bayly come from?

Jean McQueen Bayly, mother of the first Joseph Tate Bayly, was Presbyterian minister Joseph Tate's granddaughter. Here's information on Joseph Tate. He was installed pastor of the Donegal Presbyterian Church on November 23, 1748, and served that congregation for 26 years, being one of the principals in the Donegal Schism.

Several Boyds (including Adam Boyd) are also ancestors who served as Presbyterian pastors in Donegal Presbytery of southeast Pennsylvania, and it's interesting that we trace our heritage from pastors on both sides of the New School/Old School controversy.

Here's information on our ancestor, Rev. Alexander Craighead, who on October 8, 1734, was licensed by the Presbytery of Donegal and sent to Middle Octorara, Pennsylvania, where he was the first pastor to serve this call. Here's more information on Craighead who authored the famous Mecklenburg Declaration and whose works Thomas Jefferson credited (read the editor's introduction) as sources for the Declaration of Independence.

Here are two sermons preached by Alexander Craighead which in 1743 were printed by Benjamin Franklin. The sermons demonstrate our strong Covenanter roots.

For information concerning the Baylys and the Battle of Gettysburg, see this account by Billy Bayly, son of Joseph Tate Bayly I. (Also this account of the battle surrounding the Witmer Farm and Bayly's Hill area.) 

As here in this battlefield pic on display when we last visited Gettysburg, Evergreen Cemetery's Gatehouse appears in many pictures of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address.

Tim Bayly

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