President Obama's hissy fit...

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Although several of our loved ones have been furloughed, hip-hip-hooray for the shutdown of the feds. Nothing better. Dream come true!

Did you see a group of WWII vets took wirecutters to cut down the wire wrapped around their WWII memorial on the National Mall? The wire was to keep everyone out during the shutdown. President Obama wasn't going to allow his WWII memorial to be visited—no sir!

The vets were from Texas, of course...

Did you see Wisconsin's Governor Walker has ordered boat ramps, hunting and fishing grounds, and other natural resources the feds shut down to be kept open? Yes sir, I do like Governor Walker.

Did you see the Arizona government and private business concerns have contacted the feds, offering to fund the Grand Canyon so it can open again. The feds are having no part of it. NEIN! Inflict pain is their game.

Joe Sobran used to say the best possible situation inside the Beltway is gridlock, so he'd push for a Republican Congress and Democratic White House. Or vice versa.

They say young men and women will penalize national legislators at the polls in 2014 for this gridlock. If so, foolish youth.

Finally, yes I know there are real inconveniences and pains caused by the shutdown, and they're suffered by real persons. But this is the feds choice—not mine. If the feds lived by the Constitution of these United States and did the work that Constitution allowed them to do, and no more, there would be no pain today. The discipline of the feds' habitual rebellion against your and my authority lodged in our Constitution and their stealing the wealth of hundreds of millions of unborn citizens for generations to come by their endless payoffs of voters in order to buy their office must be stopped.

Rebellion is evil. Theft is evil. In our time, the feds run on rebellion and theft and they must be disciplined. Which means those voters who chose them must be disciplined. Which means pain.

Do I have hope that this shutdown will accomplish anything? At all?

No. But I didn't think the Soviet Union would disunite back at the end of the eighties, either. Nor that Willow Creek would admit it had failed to disciple its congregants for the past few decades. Nor that Tim Keller would succeed Lig Duncan as the senior pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Jackson, Mississippi. Nor that Marvin Olasky would take over as editor in chief of the Huffington Post. Nor that Joseph Tate Bayly VI would be asked to become the Executive Director of Christian Medical and Dental Society, and he refused.

Hope springs eternal in this human pest.

(The list in the penultimate paragraph declines from truth to howlers. I'll leave it to you to figure out where.)

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and big lots of grandchildren.

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