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From Al's FB page:

20 incredible years as President of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. (I) made many commitments 20 years ago. Have those commitments been fulfilled? Don't miss (my) passionate, grace-filled message to the Southern Baptist Convention.

And this:

Passionate leaders attract and motivate passionate followers. Together, they build passionate movements. When this happens, anything is possible.

This endless parading of our grace and passion is bathetic...

Here on Baylyblog, I've restrained myself concerning the abuse of these words for years, but it is a thing-up-with-which-I-find-myself-no-longer-able-to-put.

Remember Johnson's observation of the correlation between words and character: "the louder he talked of his honor, the faster we counted our spoons." People are pretty loud about their passions, aren't they?

If a man writes ad copy claiming he's graceful and passionate, we may commend him for his aspirations but the whole world shares them. There's not a man alive who doesn't preen himself over his passions and wise men know this is the sure sign we're all jaded and can't feel a thing any more.

So let's give it a rest. When God pours out His grace and our hearts of stone turn into hearts of flesh, we won't have to blather on about it. It will be evident.

A word to the wise...

Tim Bayly

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