Our man Mitch goes to Purdue...

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There's little doubt in my mind that our former governor of Indiana, Mitch Daniels, will do a superb job as the new president of Purdue University. Since hearing he was taking the job back a year or so ago, I've been lamenting Our Man Mitch didn't come to Indiana University, instead.

Back in mid-January of this year, my dear brother, Tim Wegener, forwarded "An Open Letter to the People of Purdue" which was Mitch Daniels'  first act of leadership as Purdue's new president. A shot across the bow, read it and imagine how...

the fur has been flying ever since.

So this past week after meeting a woman whose husband is a Purdue business administrator, I said how much I respected Daniels and how happy I was for her husband that he'd get to work for such an honorable reformer. First, she looked like she'd swallowed a frog; then she strangled/mangled/gurgled half-sentences of gibberish in an abortive attempt at civility thinly camouflaging suppressed rage.

Which made me even more excited to watch Purdue under Mitch Daniels.

Today, Kamilla forwarded this post from First Things about a petition drive being mounted by Purdue profs against Daniels. They got 90 out of 1,800 faculty to sign on and the Chronicle of Higher Ed. is keeping track. And if you're interested, check out this opinion piece that ran in the Chronicle defending Daniels.

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