MacExperience closing on Sundays...

We've found the local MacExperience shop cheerful and helpful with Mac repairs. Yesterday, they sent their customers this announcement and Joseph forwarded it to me with the comment, "Fascinating"...

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and fifteen grandchildren.



And Zondervan Family Bookstores are open on Sunday.

A merchant who is open on Sunday is just one part of the equation. The other part is the shoppers. How much should we shop on Sundays, and create the demand for a merchant to be open? Or how much should we partake in the common practice of a restaurant trip after church? I don't have the answer to this.

How about Christians opening up their homes for meals after services on Sundays if the church doesn't have fellowship meals together? And pastors exhorting their churches to refrain from shopping on Sundays as an act of worship?

Seen on a movie theater: $1 hot dogs; $6 matinees; $5 Sundays.

I told my wife that I was thinking of suing because of religious discrimination (why should pagans have cheaper movies than those have better things to do on Sundays?), but really that price indicates that movie theaters, at least, have trouble filling the theaters on Sundays.  Leaving aside the suggestion that Hollyweird actually make movies that people might want to see, that does seem to indicate that many businesses stay open because they expect people to want their services rather than that businesses clean up on those days.  I had a florist tell me as much years ago when I congratulated her on being closed on Sundays.  Restaurants are likely an exception, since so many Christians seem to eat out after service. 

By the way, the theater was not in Indiana where I live but in California.  I guess there is salt and light among the granola.

I've never personally heard a priest or minister telling church members to refrain from Sunday shopping. But before I became an Anglican, I belonged to a congregation associated with an evangelical Protestant denomination. Friends of mine (S & S) from that church were chit-chatting with another couple after services (T & P) and said they had to buy some Drano on their way home. T & P were originally from Michigan and had a (mostly) Dutch Reformed church background. T & P were so uncomfortable about this Sunday shopping that they offered to drive home (at least 15 mi away) to pick up drain cleaner from their home and take it to S & S's home (probably 20 miles from T & P's).

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