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As everyone in Clearnote Church, Bloomington knows, in obedience to Scripture and in conformity with 99.9% of Christian women across two millennia, my wife Mary Lee wears a headcovering in worship, even when she's not praying or prophesying.

We began to consider the matter seriously when we were reading R. C. Sproul Sr.'s great book, Now, That's a Good Question!as part of our family devotions and learned there that Mrs. Sproul confesses her Christian sexuality by wearing a headcovering in worship.

Mary Lee and I began this practice and commend it to each of you who are married. It is a clear confession of the Christian faith to postmoderns who are so twisted by our culture that they find themselves most comfortable with femininity in men (doubting themselves, using hedge words and phrases, wearing jewelry, abdicating authority, shedding tears, being vain in their appearance) and masculinity in women (taking leadership and authority, working out, getting ripped, teaching men, playing soldier, playing cop, playing pastor, being brash).

Now, I'm guessing about 20% of Clearnote's women cover during some or all of our worship, although it's no requirement within our congregation.

One of our pastors just sent me a link to this web site titled The Headcovering Movement, and I thought some of our readers might find it helpful...

I haven't read it all, but any discussion of a Christian confession of God's Order of Creation in Christian worship today—any discussion at all—is better than no discussion. So those of you who don't practice covering, open up your minds and let some fresh air blow through. Try something new and hopeful. Break out of your conformity to the androgynous patterns of our evil world. Be handsome and beautiful. Be man and wife. Take your manhood and womanhood to corporate worship this week and use them there to glorify God.

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and big lots of grandchildren.

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