That contentious abortion bill...

Top headline on Google news right now, pulled from USA Today:

Texas House passes contentious abortion bill

Yes yes, stupid, pig-headed, ignorant Texans passing their contentious bill that will finally bring some measure of protection to little babies tenderly cared for in their mothers' wombs who until now have been completely exposed to the depredations of the rabid bloodthirsty forces of Planned Parenthood who hate little babies and make a living off slaughtering hundreds of thousands of them each year.

Nasty stupid Texans and their "contentious abortion bill."

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and fifteen grandchildren.


I have watched the proceedings in Austin, some of it in person, some of it via livestream video. This includes the committee hearings for the House and the Senate, plus the floor session of the House when they passed the bill on its second reading. The spectacle has left me deeply disgusted.

The legislators are some of the most intelligent and mentally coherent citizens of our state.  But, when you listen to the pro-abortion legislators contending for the murder of children, their "competence" leaves you no option but to conclude that they are also profoundly immoral, venal, and desperate people. The only other conceivable option is that they are mindless fools.  And while this assessment likely applies to the pro-abortion agitators who have flooded the Texas Capitol grounds (memories of Wisconsin's labor unions' disruption of that legislature's actions recently), it is unlikely to apply to Texas legislators.

Meanwhile outside, where prolife supporters are praying and broadcasting testimonies against abortion on livestream video, the proabortion agitators are marching around them, chanting "Hail Satan!!" as well as screaming -- yes, screaming! -- the most vulgar profanities at prolife women and children. 

Oh, yes, it's all so very contentious! 

The one group to whom all this is giving the most powerful testimony is the Department of Public Safety troopers who are out in force after screaming -- yes, screaming!! -- agitators took over the Senate chamber at the last legislative session where this bill was passed by the Senate but failed to complete the procedural hurdles, because the agitators packing the gallery made it impossible for the Senate to conclude its work in the final minutes of the session.

In this session, the Troopers are present in great numbers, and already they have drug proabortion protestors out of committee hearings and the House gallery. They are, however, unfailingly presented by civil behavior, compliance to their directions, and expressions of gratitude by the prolife supporters whose safety the Troopers are constantly protecting during the demonstrations. It's obvious to the Troopers who are law-abiding, who are civil citizens, who it is that adorns their views with good behavior.

Thank you for the account at Texas... puts some good detail to this issue, from a lesser viewed angle.

whats contentious mean?

Continuing a long tradition established at our dinner table when the children were growing up and asked what a word meant, the word 'contentious' means disputatious, factious, or pugnacious. Did that help, dear brother?


P. Tim, I think what my hubby was trying to say is that we don't understand those big words down here in TX -- cuz we're stupid and can't read or spell good!

Fr. Bill, Were any of those protestors wearing orange? I learned yesterday that there is not only a pro-choice movement at work, but a "bro-choice" one (brothers, who like women, and want to help protect their abortion rights!). Their shirts are orange and say "Protect Texas Women" across the front. The article (how HB2 hurts TX men, and reasons why men should oppose the bill) was so vile I don't even feel confortable posting it here, but will anyway asking you to proceed with caution.

Protect Texas Women?! We should be protecting TX women from THEM! 

>>I think what my hubby was trying to say is that we don't understand those big words down here in TX -- cuz we're stupid and can't read or spell good!

Sorry I missed that. Even cleaned up his spelling without remembering you're in Texas.

That article is the truth about the origin of male promotion and support for abortion.



By all means, the proaborts were all wearing orange, the prolife folks wearing blue. Overall there were more women than men on the orange side, and about 50/50 male/female on the blue side, though a majority of the males were teens or college aged men who (obviously) were not holding down a day job.

In the evenings, the orange population soared and the blues faded. Most of the prolifers are families with kids (many of them at the rallies and in the galleries) who need to be fed, washed, watered, and put to bed in the evenings. So the spectacle of endless pro-aborts testifying before committees into the wee hours of the night -- well the no-kids, no-family, no-responsibility proabortion folks owned the night.  That's an interesting conjunction of diurnality and morality.

The last showdown on the abortion bill begins tomorrow afternoon at 2:00 PM CST. If you think of it, pray the Senate will be steadfast to pass the legislation.  Already over 20 amendments (intended to gut the statute) are offered by the Democrats.  Twenty-four amendments were offered in the House debate, all of them tabled by 100 percent of the Republicans. Final passage in the house was by a united vote of all Republicans and a handful of prolife Democrats (yes, that's a deplorable oxymoron, something like a Pelosi Catholic).

At any rate, it was at the final vote of the Senate in the last session of the legislature where the mob in the gallery brought the Senate proceedings to a standstill. The word on the street is that such an attempt will be repeated, near the calling of the final vote sometime after midnight -- the early hours of Saturday morning.

I'm going to have my prayer mat out, and a big bowl of popcorn and a tall tumbler of iced diet coke while I'm glued to my computer monitor on which a livestream of the Senate is playing.  If any of you are bored and want to watch sausage being made, the live stream is here:

One other link for news junkies:

This is a group page for prolifers, hosted by the Texas Alliance for Life, an umbrella group of Texas prolife organizations. It's become something of a clearing house for organizing prolife supporters during this legislative session.

What you'll find there this morning are numerous reports of impending civil disobedience actions by proaborts, particularly in the night when the vote is taken in the Senate (sometime, most likely, after midnight with all the stalling tactics deployed by proabortion senators during the daytime hours). 

I hope Lt. Gov. Dewhurst is prepared!  He presides over the Senate and has ambitions for the Texas Governor's office. If, after the debacle in the closing minutes of the last session, he allows the Senate to be shut down again, he's going to be toast for the office of dog catcher.

Abby Johnson (the former PP director who is now a pro-life advocate) posted this on her Facebook page:

"I just wanted to post something in preparation for tomorrow. I have had a couple of legitimately concerned abortion clinic workers (from Austin clinics) contact me to let me know what is being planned for tomorrow. Both Planned Parenthood and NARAL are no longer encouraging their supporters to be civil and courteous. These workers are telling me that many are planning on getting arrested and being aggressive with prolifers (including physical contact because they don't think we will press charges). 

I am writing this to you guys because I used to be one of the abortion supporters. They are very angry, hurting people. At this time, they feel like they have nothing to lose. I am not posting this to frighten any of you...rather, I am posting this so you are aware of what we are dealing with. AND, I want all of you to go in armed with the power of prayer.

I am not bringing my children with me tomorrow. I do not want them to be a part of the spectacle that will take place. 

Tomorrow is NOT the time to engage with any of them. Also, do not be reactive. If one of them starting spouting off to you, immediately turn and walk away. They will be looking to get into trouble tomorrow. Let's make sure they don't find any trouble with us."

WRT to the pro-choice demonstrators chanting "Hail Satan"...

I heard this afternoon on our local RC radio station that the <strong>real</strong> Satanists have said that they have no association with the chanters and wish they would stop using Satan's name in vain [this isn't a direct quote]. 

Go figure.

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