Come to the Clearnote Summer Conference; learn to love the Church

Many are watching the Supreme Court this week to see what it will tell us about marriage and race relations. What will our justices rule on equality in this country? How will their decisions affect our lives? We watch and wait because their words bear weight. They carry authority. We won't escape the implications of what they declare.

Of course, for Christians there is a higher truth and the place God is pleased for us to hear, understand, and live this truth is the Church. Thus God names His Church "the pillar and foundation of the truth."

But we are quick to run to anything else; to campus Bible studies, to home churches, to a church that couldn't and wouldn't offend us; to a place called "church" where we won't have to confess our sins and listen as others confess theirs.

A church where we won't need to encourage others as they suffer because there is no sin or suffering. A church where brothers wouldn't think of admonishing or rebuking one another. To tell the truth... we don't want men who love us so much they preach hard things to us, men who pry open our hearts to show us we are never as good as we think we are. And, especially, we don't want men who will declare to us the truths of manhood and womanhood, the joys and responsibilities of being fruitful and multiplying, things that should either shock us into a lifestyle more radical than anything the Supreme Court could imagine, or send us sprinting as fast as we can run in the other direction.

We don't want a tangible, local church with pastors and elders we can touch and see. We want the abstract concept of Church, just like we want the abstract concept of State, but are bothered as soon as we are placed beneath an authority that can speak to us, can tell us not only what we should do, but must do. We don't want the Church as our mother because that would mean submitting to her, obeying her, and serving her. It would mean joining her family of believers with local fathers who judge their hearts and ours under the authority of Scripture.

What we need is to hear this truth preached to us, over and over again. This is why everyone should plan on attending Clearnote's upcoming conference, "She is our Mother". There, you will learn about our responsibilities to the church and the authority she should have over our lives.

So, if you haven't already, sign up. Take a moment to stop worrying about the things of this world and adjust your affections towards that mother who feeds you, working tirelessly to help you grow until, one glorious day, you will discover you're now finally able to eat solid food. 

Brandon Chasteen

Brandon came to Bloomington in 2007 to pursue graduate studies in English Literature at Indiana University. Brandon currently serves as Vice President of Athanasius College, as well as teaches rhetoric to the high school students at the Bloomington Christian Schoolhouse. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, writing short stories, and barbecuing briskets in the proud tradition of his home state, Texas.


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