Clearnote Summer Conference: your children will love it...

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“She is our mother.” What a description of the Church—God’s gift to us, His adopted sons, for our care, discipline, and nurture. In a world that hates the Church, we need to stand as witnesses to God’s faithfulness. What better witness do we have than when we love some of the most precious God gives us: children! 
Camp Clearnote

The Clearnote Summer Conference is designed to love, teach, and care for the whole body—especially the very youngest. While mothers and fathers are sitting under the preaching of the Word, your children will be taught and challenged with Bible lessons explaining God’s purposes and works through Camp Clearnote.

We have a busy, fun, and profitable time planned for children of every age.

For our littlest ones, ages 0-3, we have age-appropriate facilities and caring volunteers. With a ratio of less than five children per childcare worker, you can know that your child will have the attention he needs. Even if it is your first time with us, you and your children will feel right at home...

For those active four and five-year olds, we have a program packed with singing, crafts, and games. Bible lessons are written for their age, and they will learn that the Church is God’s family. We know it is a long day, so times of running are balanced with rest time. With a variety of activities, we'll keep them moving from one thing to the next.

Children ages 6-8 will be spending a day at Karst Farm Park directly across the street from Clearnote Church, Bloomington. They's play games, listen to Bible stories, do art projects, and eat a picnic lunch. Al and Amy Parker of Canoe Creation will be teaching them about God’s creation. Be sure to bring your squirt guns for the biggest water war you've ever seen!

Finally, older children, ages 9 through Junior High will be challenged to understand their place in the Church as they grow older, They will also spend good time with Al and Amy Parker learning about the amazing world that God has created. They'll be surprised to learn how many wonderful things in God's creation they've never noticed. What a way to give glory to God for His fruitfulness in creation.

The early-bird discount ends this Sunday, June 9th, so register now while the price is still $35 per adult and $5 per child. Space is limited so get on it right away. For more information and registration, please vist:

We can’t wait to see you and your children!