Why move to Bloomington?

Here's a boosterism video for Bloomington telling you all the good reasons to go to school or move here—all the reasons save one: they missed mentioning Clearnote Church, Bloomington where there is zeal in worship, careful doctrinal and Biblical preaching and instruction, loving fellowship with much joyful hospitality in our homes, humble and excellent musicians leading the praise of our Triune God, and good fruit on both sides of the fence Reformed congregations rarely cross—both new adult converts being baptized regularly and the propagation of a godly seed (God has blessed us with about a hundred children under six years of age). So why don't the boosters mention us?

Nevermind; they used our chilluns. The family show on the hike at the beginning and at 3:22 and 3:31 is the Ben Crums—Ben, his wife Michal (my daughter), and their two sons Daniel and Zion.

Bloomington, IN: A Vibrant Tech Community from BloomingtonEDC on Vimeo.

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and fifteen grandchildren.



Ah, Bloomington. I have a real love/hate relationship with this town.

I can think of many, many reasons why I would like to leave and only one that makes me want to stay (the one glaring omission from the video); which is why, Lord willing, we will never move from here.

Ah, Kevin; come on. There are lots of reasons to love Bloomington. Here's one of my favorites just west of town. Do you know how many cars our church members have bought from T&T? One more just this week.

And while you're out there checking out hail-damaged cars, buy your meat here (just around the corner from T&T).


Lots of towns have places to buy inexpensive cars and great meat (and we do love Rice Farms meat). My point was that one reason is plenty to keep us here.


Have you ever had anyone move to Bloomington intentionally to attend the church?

Our 3 oldest children did, Denver Todd. And we are so thankful!

We left our nice house in Ohio (and my husband's wonderful job) and moved our family of six to a double wide in the sticks to attend ClearNote--and we're better off now!

I moved to Bloomington for the church. Leaving behind my family, friends, and my all time favorite city. Bloomington is growing on me. I am much better off and very thankful for being at this church. 

The video is so "white," I can hardly believe it was filmed in Bloomington IN, the city of diversity! 

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