Theological critique of Escondido Two Kingdoms Theology (V): For love of the sheep...

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(NOTE: This post is part of a series showing the errors of so-called Two-Kingdom Theology. We refer to it as "so-called" Two-Kingdom Theology because what the church historically has meant by "Two-Kingdoms" bears little resemblance to what Escondido Theology men mean when they write it today. Thus sometimes we write "Two-Kingdom Theology," but more often we write "Radical Two Kingdom," "Rigid Two Kingdom," or "R2K.")

So Paul stood in the midst of the Areopagus and said, “Men of Athens, I observe that you are very religious in all respects. For while I was passing through and examining the objects of your worship, I also found an altar with this inscription, 'To An Unknown God.' Therefore what you worship in ignorance, this I proclaim to you." - Acts 17:22, 23

Notice in Athens the Apostle Paul picks the idols on every streetcorner to focus his call for repentance. There is the gap in the wall and there he stands preaching the Gospel.

The most frequent attack R2K men make against Baylyblog is that we have only one thing on our minds. But is it really us or is it the world? Who chose this hill—did we or did they?

There's a reason one of my favorite orthodox Roman Catholics (I have no favorite liberal Roman Catholics), E. Michael Jones, refers to the demons of our time as "monsters of the Id."

Our battleground is sexuality. That's the gap in the wall that needs to be defended in our time. Back in 1979, I was on the pastoral staff of First Presbyterian Church of Boulder, Colorado for a year's internship prior to seminary and one day the senior pastor there, Bob Oerter, asked a question during staff meeting: "Why are we always talking about the sin of homosexuality rather than gossip or greed or adultery?"

Bob was a wonderful senior pastor and I thank God for my time under his leadership. When he asked this question, I thought about it for a while. We did seem to be guilty as charged—why were we always talking about homosexuality rather than other sins?


Well duh! We were in Boulder and homosexuality was all around us, for starters. But so were greed, pride, and adultery; so again, why did we focus on homosexuality?

Well duh! Because we were in the Presbyterian Church (USA) and everywhere we turned in our denomination, we were faced by men and women demanding the church retract her historic condemnation of homosexuality. We were in Boulder and everywhere we turned in our city and its university, we were faced by men and women demanding everyone repent of their homophobia and give their approval to homosexuality.

No one was making a similar case for adultery or greed or gossip. Like homosexuality, these sins too were all around us but there was no concerted campaign to legitimize them. No one was saying adultery was good and the church should repent of her historic condemnation of it. No one was attacking the texts condemning adultery saying that what the Scriptures were actually condemning wasn't adultery but pruning crabapples with fingernail clippers.

Soldiers of the Cross guarding the good deposit focus the sword of the Spirit on the gap in the wall where the battle is raging. Back in 1979, first in Madison and then in Boulder and the Presbyterian Church (USA), the battle was sodomy. Mary Lee and I lived and worshipped and held small group with sodomites. We loved them and called them to repentance which was acceptable to them partly because we confessed to them that we had fornicated prior to marriage and we were repentant.

In Madison and Boulder, we called souls we loved to flee lesbianism and sodomy, and not to listen to the armies of Satan tearing down the wall claiming that homosexuality was a legitimate lifestyle and God's condemnation of this sin in Scripture was old and in the way. We also called our small group members to repent of other sins and repented of them ourselves. Repentance is the lifeblood of salvation and sanctification—one of the sweetest gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Some repented. Some didn't. That's ministry. Our Lord told us there are four kinds of soil and only one produces fruit.

Our deep desire and prayer is that every nursing father of the church, every one of her mothers-in-Israel focus their attention on that gap, also. It's there at the breach in the wall souls are lost, children go off to slop pigs, churches suffer the writing of "Ichabod" over their doors, pastors apostasize, and marriages are betrayed and destroyed.

Sadly, few are willing to stand in the gap so they sit up on balconies nearby mocking and ridiculing those covered in blood. "Look how he holds his sword—he holds it like it's a dagger, the fool! And check out his parries and thrusts. Did he ever have a lick of training? He's no Ph.D. in swordplay, that's for sure. And the way he swings that thing; someone should do the city a favor and take it away from him. He's dangerous. Wasn't Congress working on a ban of the Sword of the Spirit in the public square? Or was it that men with Ph.D.s in swordplay would be the only ones allowed to own one? To unsheath it?"

"Hey you! Idiot! What are you doing? Don't you know the gaps belong to the civil magistrate? They're not our responsibility—they're his. Leave him to it and come have a drink with us—quick, before you hurt somebody!"

When the flock gets a safe distance from that particular named cliff and comes into a broad meadow of green pasture and still water, that may be a good time for shepherds to catch some shut-eye. Not yet, though. Not yet.

This is the fifth in a (so far) eleven-part series opposing the liberal theology called "Two Kingdom," "Radical Two-Kingdom," "Rigid Two Kingdom," or "Revisionist Two Kingdom," and abbreviated here simply as "R2K." Here's the first in this series, the second, the third, the fourth, the fifth, the sixth, the seventh, the eighth, the ninth, the tenth, and the eleventhAnd here's a post subjecting R2K to an historical critique.

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