Some pics for your enjoyment...

Lord willing, this Saturday our youngest son Taylor will wed Miss Réze (pronounced reesa) Schreuder, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Niek (Therese) Schreuder, and last night the Schreuders invited us over to meet their family members just arrived from South Africa and Namibia.

It was a wonderful and interesting evening with good conversation outside around a fire. (Niek did coffee and Rooibos tea over the fire.) Later in the evening we listened to Afrikaans music while oldest to youngest danced. There were lots of pics, some of the original family farm in the Namakwaland area of northwestern SA where Niek grew up and his mother still lives. Known for the georgous wildflowers that spring up in the desert during winter rains, here's just one pic Niek took when he and his family were home for a visit last year. I'm color blind and I was thunderstruck by the beauty of picture after picture of these flowers:

Other pics were from the siblings' homes. There were pics of... wildlife drinking at a water hole almost a stone's throw from Therese's sister's home abutting SA's Kruger National Park—monkeys, giraffes, hyenas... There were also pics of Niek's brother Jan's farm up in Namibia where he raises goats, sheep, and cattle. There's a herd of around sixty Oryx (antelope) that roam the farm and one Oryx has been living with his cows for decades, now.

Finally pics from Niek's brother, Hugo's, work at the AngloAmerican Kumba Sishen Mine in SA Cape Province near Kathu. Sishen operates 24/7 and in 2011 produced 38.9 million tonnes of iron ore. The mine has a fleet of around 200 haul trucks, the largest of which are the Komatsu 960Es with a loading capacity of 324 metric tonnes.

Here's a pic of one of their shovels. It's a 4100XPC with a capacity of 116 tonnes per pass. The shovel's weight is about 1200 tonnes. Can you see the man standing on the shovel?

Here's a pic of the shovel loading the truck:

Please pray for Taylor and Reze as they marry. Thank you.

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and fifteen grandchildren.


Thank you for sharing. The pictures are spectacular, each in a different way. We regret not being able to make it back to Bloomington for this joyous event. We love both the Schreuder and the Bayly families very much. May God grant Taylor and Reze many years, children, and "lovers' quarrels" together. :) Warmly, 

Thank you, dear Michael and Jessica! Love,

SMILE:) What a great work the Lord has done in Taylor! Excited for you all!

I saw a post on Taylor's facebook page from David Wegener that I thought was very thoughtful. I'll add one simple thing to it that has been a blessing in both my marriage and my life as I have applied its simple truth to the best of my abilities... "Do all things without grumbling or complaining." Philippians 2:14.

I am going to break away from watching Kruger videos on youtube to leave this comment. Tim, you should go here: After the wedding, of course.


And the pictures of the construction/mining equipment are awesome.. (esp. since I am in the federal construction industry.)

Thanks, Christopher. Rehearsal dinner for fifty tonight in our home so lots of workers and work right now all around me. Listening to Merle Haggard's "Farmer's Daughter."


Have an absolutely grand and glorious weekend.  Wow, marrying off number five.  Glory to God.  Love to you all.

Hi Alex. Actually it was a quote from Charles Hodge who wrote it inside a Bible he gave to his grandson upon his graduation from West Point.

Confused why the mother of the bride has her name in parenthesis (Therese).  Seems more courtesy is due.

Dear Bob,

I'm confused why you refered to her as "the mother of the bride" and put her actual name in parenthesis! Seems more courtesy is due.

Just kidding… sort of.

Calling her "mother of the bride" is no less polite than calling her the wife of Niek Schreuder, which is what the completely proper and polite form used in the post does. I can't imagine why you are offended that she would be called the wife of Niek, but not offended that she would be called the mother of Réze. 

If you really want to know how these things got started, just watch the first 1:45 of this video:


Dear Bob,

Joseph's right; I meant no disrespect, but only to write formally—which is to say most respectfully. If I were to address a woman as "Mrs. Mary Lee Bayly," it would indicate my wife and I were divorced. "Mrs. Timothy Bayly" is the proper form of address for a married woman and the wife's first name in parentheses indicates the wife's first name without being rude.

This is one more way we point to the Fatherhood of God in man which gives precedence to the man over the woman. Godly women consider their calling to be man's helpmate their glory and, if married, would always prefer to be known as "Mrs. John Doe" than "Mrs. Jane Doe," "Ms. Jane (Maiden Name)."


"This is one more way we point to the Fatherhood of God in man which gives precedence to the man over the woman."

There's nothing in Scripture about this. Even if it was Biblical, I don't think your future in-law needs to be reminded of her place in a wedding announcement.

Dear Bob,

But I want you to understand that Christ is the head of every man, and the man is the head of a woman, and God is the head of Christ. (1 Corinthians 11:3)

Please stop lying to yourself and others.


"Be subject to one another out of reverence to Christ."   Ephesians 5:21 

Have a great day.

Dear Bob,

Maybe you weren't aware that verse 21 is followed by verse 22 and 23, or maybe you are intent on misleading people. Regardless, if you read verse 21 in context, it becomes abundantly clear that it does not mean what you want to make it mean. To ignore what the next sentence says and claim that you've found proof that wives are not in submission to their husbands in any unique way is to do violence to God's word. Everybody is commanded to submit in particular ways to particular people. Verse 21 explains how and why and to whom we are to submit generally. The following verses lay out some more specifics. Let's walk through the details of proper submission as laid out in the next few verses, shall we?

  1. A wife is to submit to her husband (Eph 5:22), be subject to her husband (Eph 5:24), and respect her husband (Eph 5:33), since the husband is the head of the wife (Eph 5:23). 
  2. A child is to obey to his parents (Eph 6:1) and honor his father and mother (Eph 6:2).
  3. A slave is to be obedient to his master (Eph 6:5). 

Here are some other specifics that God lays out in his word.

  • We as Christians are to submit to the leaders in the church (Heb 13:17). 
  • We are to submit to every human institution (1 Pet 2:13).
  • We are to refuse to submit to the decrees of those who do not hold fast to Jesus Christ, the Head (Col 2:20).
  • Every person is to be in subjection to the governing authorities (Rom 13:1).
  • A husband's body is under his wife's authority, and vice versa  (1 Cor 7:4).

Those who reject authority as God has established it will receive condemnation upon himself (Rom 13:2). Please repent of your rebellion against God's established authorities, and live as a willingly obedient servant in his Kingdom.  


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