The death of motherhood...

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This is the pic and headline topping Google's news page just now. But note the pic they chose—a mother home with her baby? Get real.

Take a look at the headline and ask yourself whether anyone anywhere thinks it's sad? Tragic?

Christians do, but why?

Because Christians know from God's Word that our Heavenly Father has ordered His Creation such that woman is made to be the "keeper at home." Start there. While acknowledging the exceptions that prove the rule, primary breadwinners don't outdo their husbands' earnings by being domestic. 

Beyond their rejection of the home, these primary breadwinners have turned their backs on motherhood, too. Working mothers are not mothers. They're chips and capacitors on the motherboard of the American GNP. Motherhood is the glory they have sacrificed for status, power, and money and they're not looking back.

Make no mistake: the cost of woman's repudiation of motherhood is...


Yet woman will be saved through bearing children, if she continues in faith and love and holiness, with modesty. - 1Timothy 2:15 (RSV)

Here God is not declaring woman or her newborn will be kept safe as she gives birth, but that for woman childbearing is a means of grace. Calvin comments:

(These words) shew in what way God conducts us to salvation, to which he has appointed us through his grace. Through child-bearing. To censorious men it might appear absurd, for an Apostle of Christ not only to exhort women to give attention to the birth of offspring, but to press this work as religious and holy to such an extent as to represent it in the light of the means of procuring salvation....

First, here the Apostle does not speak merely about having children, but about enduring all the distresses, which are manifold and severe, both in the birth and in the rearing of children. Secondly, whatever hypocrites or wise men of the world may think of it, when a woman, considering to what she has been called, submits to the condition which God has assigned to her, and does not refuse to endure the pains, or rather the fearful anguish, of parturition, or anxiety about her offspring, or anything else that belongs to her duty, God values this obedience more highly than if, in some other manner, she made a great display of heroic virtues, while she refused to obey the calling of God. To this must be added, that no consolation could be more appropriate or more efficacious then to shew that the very means (so to speak) of procuring salvation are found in the punishment itself.

"Bearing children" is used by God to save woman's soul. God has ordered His world in such a way that motherhood is salvific. Find a godly young woman with more than two lifestyle options and ask her. She'll tell you childbearing and motherhood are the most redemptive and sanctifying influences in her life.

Beyond their rejection of the home and motherhood, these primary breadwinners have turned their backs on their calling to submit to their husbands.

"Ah, now you've gone too far," you say? Not a bit.

Have you ever heard the expression, "He who pays the piper calls the tune"? Or how about the first rule of journalism, "Follow the money"? When a man's wife earns more money than he does, that man is emasculated. He is not the head of his home—his wife is. (And again, I know there are exceptions to the rule, but let's not miss the forest for the trees.)

So add it all up and here's what we have: America is self-congratulatory over the great progress we've made with women now coming close to being the principal breadwinner in the majority of our homes. But no one's mourning the loss of beauty and domestic tranquility in homes where woman has abandoned making a home for her own husband for making him money. No one's mourning the murder of her unborn and the abandonment of her children her breadwinning necessitates. No one's mourning the endless adulteries that are breaking up marriages and the homes of these mothers' children—any pastor will have a stream of stories of men and women who have been led into adultery by close working relationships with members of the opposite sex. No one's mourning the spiritual immaturity and death the abandonment of the bearing of childbearing has caused among our churches' weaker sex. No one's mourning the weakness and vulnerability the abandonment of his husbandry and fatherhood has led to among our churches' men.

The other day Mary Lee and I were talking with a couple from Africa who told us of their church's silence in the face of the pursuit of wealth by the women of their congregation who have cast aside their husbands, homes, and children for careers. This is the wicked influence of these United States through so-called Christian missions. We have seduced African Christians to our idols and that seduction has been so successful that conservative Reformed and Evangelical congregations are now filled with working mothers who have housekeepers who provide whatever domesticity the family enjoys and whatever childrearing, whatever instruction, discipline, and maternal tenderness the covenant children need.

And the pastor never preaches a word to the fathers and mothers who have given themselves to this wholesale abandonment of the home and children.

Are Christians today men and women, husbands and wives, fathers and mothers; or are they simply sexless persons saved by grace to the end that they may pursue money without compunction of conscience?

It's time to obey God in the particularity of our callings, starting with sex. This is at the heart of the Gospel for our world today.

After a few hours, Google kept the lead story but changed the pic to one much more honest about the ugliness of working mothers' lives.

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and big lots of grandchildren.

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