Peter Leithart acquitted by the PCA's Standing Judicial Commission...

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When I was in the mainline PC(USA), it was clear the only heresy was departure from the feminist party line. After almost twenty years in the PCA, it became clear the only heresy was departure from the latitudinarian party line.

This in connection with the PCA's Standing Judicial Commission sustaining the orthodoxy of Rev. Dr. Peter Leithart...

The SJC's decision ends:

Finally, we reiterate that nothing in this Decision should be construed as addressing (or thereby endorsing) in general TE Leithart’s views, writings, teachings or pronouncements. The Decision is based on the specific issues raised in the indictment and the Record of the Case as developed at the trial. Our conclusion is simply that neither the prosecution nor the Complainant proved that TE Leithart’s views, as articulated at the trial or otherwise contained in the Record of the Case, violate the system of doctrine contained in the Westminster Standards.

Uh, did you get that? Keep your eye on the ball. This decision does not endorse TE Leithart's doctrine. This decision merely declares that TE Leithart's doctrine is not in violation of the Westminster Standards.


We have friends sympathetic to Federal Vision and friends adamantly opposed. We ourselves are on the opposed side. Neither side should take any comfort from this decision.

As one wise wag put it, "this decision reveals a church without a single principle on which to stand. Its sole principle is to avoid principles. They marched boldly on the enemy with their statement on Federal Vision, only to learn their enemies were only windmills."

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and big lots of grandchildren.

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