Howard Phillips, 1941 - 2013.

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Howard Phillips died this past Lord's Day. May he rest in peace.

A Jewish convert to Christianity, Phillips was that rare politician who refused to abandon the Constitution of these United States or his Christian faith to pragmatism or cynicism. I was introduced to Phillips by the esteemed Joseph Sobran. In thirty-five years of reading Sobran, I never found him more respectful of a man than he was of Phillips—both his political philosophy and his Christian character. And Sobran wrote of him with obvious affection.

In 2000 when Phillips was nominated by the Constitution Party as their Presidential candidate, he selected Sobran as his Vice-Presidential running mate. Joe seemed both tickled pink and flummoxed by this honor. He couldn't imagine why they would want his help. By then Sobran had been consigned to the Gulag by the Lutheran convert to Roman Catholicism at First Things (I am a charter subscriber) and the patrician over at National Review. They didn't like Sobran questioning America's foreign policy toward Israel. As the patrician put it to him at lunch, "Joe, we n$$d these guys!"

Joe wouldn't be bought so they smeared him with the "anti-Semitic" label and that patrician fired Joe from National Review by means of a fax. It was an ignominious end.

Bringing a man back from the Gulag...

to run for Vice President was, I think, a bit of a shock to Joe's system. He'd made his peace with being the neocons pariah, but then Howard showed up and raised him to the head table, seated just to the right of the dais. Good for Howard!

Now to the important things. Howard Phillips is survived by his wife of 49 years, Peggy, six grown children (one of whom is Doug Phillips of Vision Forum), 18 grandchildren, and a sister. Eighteen grandchildren! What joy! May they follow in their grandfather's footsteps with faith in their Lord Jesus Christ and submission to the Constitution of their motherland.

Tim Bayly

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