The Oracle of Delphi (er, rob bell) comes out for sodomite marriage...

It's called Grace Cathedral and the "Interlocutor" (I kid you not) is "The Very Reverend Doctor Jane Shaw." She tells Rob Bell she and her butchered sheep are "passionate about the arts," so you can see this is a pretty typical city church that's "in the city and for the city." There are all the usual suspects in all the usual ways.

Anyhow, there at Grace Cathedral in response to Ms. Shaw's interlocutions, the great conniver Rob Bell issues mists and vapors in a certain cloudy direction he tells us is transcendent. Then at the 37' mark, he starts to get excited when he gets an opportunity to kick and stomp on God and His Church with his jackboots.

Start listening around the 37' mark. Note the emphasis on "MY" and "MY" near the 40' mark. At 42:30, he bows the knee to sodomite marriage.

From the beginning this man has been wicked and it's a tribute to the death of true Christian faith in America that in Grand Rapids, home of Baker and Zondervan and Eerdmans and Calvin and all things Reformed, he packed them in each Lord's Day morning...

No discernment, none at all.

I first realized a quarter century ago that the defining mark of Evangelicalism isn't inerrancy or the substitutionary atonement or dispensationalism or Campus Crusade or utter neglect of the Church and her discipline, but the perfect hatred of discernment. Those who have been taken in by this charlatan who is Wheaton's Rasputin, Grand Rapids' Oracle of Delphi, Grace Cathedral's travelling huckster, Zondervan's Oscar Wilde, Tony Campolo's native son should stop and ask themselves how it happened?

There's a world of truth worth learning in the answer and a good place to start is that every last word from this Rasputin's mouth oozes flattery of his listeners.

Then there are his mists and vapors. Read Joseph's post, "Christianese mixed with a lot of blabber..."

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and fifteen grandchildren.


When we start with the presupposition that a person may commit "Three Free Sins" (thanks to Steve Brown's book) or commit "a thousand rapes a day" (hat's off to Martin Luther) and remain saved, with this superabundant grace, why can't a saved same-sex attracted person also be allowed 3 or even 1,000 free sins? Perhaps Bell is just extending to the homosexual the same grace that Brown shares with everyone else (three freebies).


It appears that Rob left Mars Hill when the stink over Love Wins within his own church, led to at least three thousand or so of them leaving. That's called "sending a message".

Listening to Rob Bell speak is just so sad.  

Praise God that He has already determined and written down the future of His Church, and no one can thwart His plans.  

"Congregants reported that friends and family members were asking why they were allowing themselves to be led by a false teacher," the magazine continues.

Hurray for these family members!

Mars Hill Bible Church is now led by Pastor Kent Dobson, son of well-known megachurch Pastor Ed Dobson.--


Kent Dobson was a worship leader at Mars Hill Bible Church in Grandville before moving to Jerusalem in 2002, where he studied religion and archaeology. In 2006, he appeared in a History Channel special about the Dead Sea Scrolls.--

Er? So a man who sat under Bell's teaching, unaware or uncritical of it and warning nobody, replaced him!? Maybe it was after Bell's departure?

“Love Wins” appeared in March, 2011--

Awwww. : (

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