New music, (just) in time for Easter...

This latest batch of psalm and hymn arrangements added to Clearnote Songbook includes a number you can use for Holy Week worship: "O Sacred Head," "Stricken, Smitten, and Afflicted," and "Christ the Lord Is Risen Today," for instance. We had hoped to get these published online in time for you to use this Easter, but something called reality kept getting in our way. On the other hand, it's Monday so perhaps we're not too late?

Look for the sheet music to start uploading tomorrow, but we wanted to go ahead and announce the release of our third, self-recorded demo bundle. It's available for free streaming below, and for inexpensive download here.

Enjoy! And may you have a blessed celebration of our Lord's Resurrection!

Jody Killingsworth

Jody serves as worship pastor at Clearnote Church in Bloomington, Indiana. He is a lecturer at Clearnote Pastors College and frontman for the Good Shepherd Band. You can find many of his musical contributions to the church over on the Clearnote Songbook.

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Excellent work! Thank you for sharing. Listened to a number of times...I particularly like Psalm 1 and Prepare My Soul to Meet Him.

Jamie Soles has a version of Psalm 1, and so do the Sons of Korah. I usually become attached to particular renditions...but I really like all three.

Dear Craig,

Thank you for your encouragement. It truly means a lot. You can now see a video of the band recording Psalm 1 here.

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