Indiana Supreme Court upholds school choice...

Speaking of subsidiarity (I'm a fan), we are privileged to have a faithful public servant holding the office of Governor for the next four years. Just now Governor Pence issued this press release commending the just-issued unanimous decision of the Indiana Supreme Court upholding school choice:

Indianapolis - Governor Mike Pence issued the following statement regarding the Indiana Supreme Court's decision on school choice this morning.

"I welcome the Indiana Supreme Court's decision to uphold Indiana's school choice program. I have long believed that parents should be able to choose where their children go to school, regardless of their income. Now that the Indiana Supreme Court has unanimously upheld this important program, we must continue to find ways to expand educational opportunities for all Indiana families."

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Tim Bayly

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It is easier to live day by day when you have authority above you that allows you to worship God and obey God. May God bless Governor Pence and also may He cause us to realize what a blessing it is to live under godly authority.

Does this mean that we're one step closer to having access to vouchers for children we send to Bloomington Christian Schoolhouse?

This is a win, and a 5-0 win, but the suit was ridiculous, so it's one of those "at least they're not totally crazy" events in the courts. 

What's more important is that the Indiana House has passed  a bill  essentially eliminating the requirement that a student spend a year in public school before becoming eligible. (To be precise: an income-eligible  student  (e.g., family with 2 kids, income under $85,000) who goes to private school for a year with a privately-funded SGO scholarship,which most private schools would give, become eligible for vouchers every year after that.) See .

    The Schoolhouse won't be eligible for vouchers any time soon, because they're limited to schools accredited by the state or by one of a list of private organizations. Otherwise, it's too easy to have  a scam where parents send their kids to a fake school in return for a kickback on the vouchers.  

  Lighthouse Christian Academy (which was one of the "amici"  fighting the lawsuit), St. Charles, and Clear Creek are all eligible for vouchers. 

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