Five gay marriage myths...

Son Taylor recommends "Five Gay Marriage Myths" from Fellowship of St. James and Jim Kushiner's Salvo magazine. Fellowship of St. James publishes both Touchstone and Salvo.

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and fifteen grandchildren.


Im surprised there are no comments on this yet. That article is really good. Helped explain the big picture for me, but included enough details to give me a better grasp of the particulars. Thanks, Taylor--I will definitely be sharing this with others.

I would agree.. This article is written by a master logician.. It is very obvious, and notice the arguments that he is making. They could be considered natural law arguments.

However, as I have done my own personal research on natural law, (R)2K, theonomy etc..., I have come to the conclusion that natural law arguments, if argued properly, consistently, and logically, are simply theonomic/kuyperian arguments in reverse. Instead of starting from top down as in theonomic/kuyperian arguments, natural law arguments start from the bottom up.. It is harder to use natural law arguments properly, but it can be done.. I think that this article shows that it can be done..

The problem with most NL2K folks (e.g. Escondido) is that they don't use proper logic when formulating their natural law arguments. And some of their conclusions from their own version of natural law arguments are logically fallacious. They have very weak training in logic, and it is evident in how they use their natural law arguments.

I think that if they did start using proper logic, this could actually bridge the gap between NL2K folks and everyone else.. (theonomist, kuyperian, neo-calv).

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