China's two billion dead babies...

A week ago, the Financial Times reported the following stats issued by Chinese government officials. Since implementation of their forced abortion policy in 1971, the government reports their doctors have slaughtered 336 million little ones. That's 8,000,000 murdered babies per year; 666,666 murdered babies per month, 153,846 murdered babies per week; 21,918 murdered babies per day, 913 murdered babies per hour, 15 murdered babies per minute, one murdered baby every 4 seconds—non-stop for forty years.

Meanwhile across the world Jews put on their morality plays memorializing those who died in the Holocaust and rich whites organize local militias to lynch "slavery-deniers."

330,000,000, and that's just the forced abortions. Chinese government officials also released stats on sterilizations and implantation of IUDs. Since 1971, government doctors have done 196 million sterilizations of men and women and have implanted 403 million intrauterine devices... The IUD prevents birth in several ways, but without question it is an abortifacient. It works post-conception by preventing the implantation of the fertilized ovum (a human being bearing the Image of God) on the uterine wall.

So let's do the numbers. They have records of 336 million surgical abortions, but likely there are many more unrecorded. Let's put the number of surgical abortions since 1971 at a conservative 400 million. Then let's add in the abortions done non-surgically through IUDs. Of course it's difficult to estimate these, but again, let's be very conservative. Since 41% of birth control in China is the IUD, let's guess that each IUD aborts an average of one child every five years, and that each IUD causes the death of, say, four children. (Yes, that number is so low it's laughable, but go with me on this.)

That means a very conservative estimate of 2,000,000,000 unborn children slaughtered by the Chinese government.

And that's just China! Add in Russia and Europe and India and these United States and we're dealing with bloodshed on a scale the world has never known. It's so awful I find I can't get my head or heart around it.

And you know that house-church Christians in China have largely gone along with it. It's the great secret of Chinese Christians just as the slaughter of our unborn is the great secret of Reformed churches where education is king and nothing is allowed to obstruct our children's pursuit of excellence.

Especially a baby.

I'm not against any war if the purpose of the war is to save a people from genocide—especially if they're defenseless little ones whose angels are always beholding the face of our Heavenly Father. I think we ought to see that no one harms them, and so when in the course of human events is now and has been now for many years now. To discuss the Holocaust or the Civil War in the same breath as this obscene genocide is to trivialize these little ones.

And yet, a just war must be winnable and this one's not because this one's against the men of our presbytery and the women of WIC and the children of Westminster Christian schools and the grandparents of Quarryville and the pastors of Wheaton and Grand Rapids and the twenty-some-year old children of homeschoolers.

There's simply no way we can maintain the number of abortions we have each year in these United States without Christians being almost as bloodguilty as everyone else. And in my pastoral experience, I know our churches are full of husbands and wives, fathers and mothers who have paid an assasin to kill their child or children. They cry with me in repentance and the surviving siblings of the slaughter cry with me in grief.

[Jesus said] ...when the Son of Man returns to this earth, will He find faith? - Luke 18:8

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and fifteen grandchildren.



These numbers are horrifying.  One thing our national debt has elicited is the total inability of (most) folks being able to wrap their head around large numbers.  We look at $16.75 trillion dollars and say "that's a big number" but fail to apprehend its meaning in any significant way.

Here is an analogy that may help folks picture 2 billion dead babies. Since most folks are familiar with cars and distance, I'll use this as the analogy.  Please check my math to make sure I haven't messed this up (I've double checked):

Imagine if you could park Volkswagon Beetles (the new ones) bumper-to-bumper around the entire circumference of the earth at the equator (I know impossible, but bear with me).  If you put one of these 2 billion dead babies in each Beetle, how many times would you need to go around the earth till this row of cars would stop?  Answer ~ 206 times!

Here are the numbers I used:

Circumference of earth at equator: 24,901 miles

Length of Volkswagon Beetle: 13.6 feet

Hopefully this helps draw on the horrific numbers are represented in your post.  I am worried that our consciences have become so impenitent that even analogies won't get us there. God have mercy on us all!



336,000,000 people dead? It is just unfathomable. That is 15,000,000 more people than entire present population of the United States. 

Just awful. Late term abortions are especially disturbing to me. Thanks for sharing this, Tim.

Although sickening, it's all relative. Currently, the Earth's population is estimated at around 7 billion. Of that number, an estimated 1.2 billion claim to be Christian.

Now, if the bible is God's word written by the hand of men and Christians believe what the bible says and the bible states that no one gets to the Father except through the Son, then 5.8 billion people will be sent straight to hell on judgement day. Many more will fail to pass through the gates.

Abortion is murder. We MUST fight to save the living, but we must also leave the dead to bury the dead.


Are you saying, "A whole lotta people are going to hell and pagans will be pagans, so lets keep this thing in perspective?" Or am I misunderstanding you?

Mike Shields,

I do not think your statement about aborted babies going straight to hell is Biblically correct. I would ask that one of the Bayly pastors comment on this.

Dear Todd,

Sorry, dear brother, but this is not something I'm prepared to speak to right now. I don't have the time. Obviously, though, I disagree with Mr. Shields' comments, although I think he speaks for many, many Reformed men today. You know, the Early Church was known for rescuing the children exposed on the hillsides and left to die by their parents. I suppose they didn't understand that they were simply postponing the inevitable.


Sorry for taking so long to reply, but today was my long work day.

Michael Foster, certainly everything needs to be kept in perspective, but I was thinking more along the lines of allocation of resources. There are many more non-Christians than Christians and we simply can't be protesting everywhere we are needed. Thus, I think we have to pick our battles. Their are Christians ministering in N. Korea, but we will make more headway when Kim Jong Un is finally deposed and their borders open up.

We should not give up on N. Korea, but good progress on the abortion issue IS being made in certain parts of the U.S. The church I'm currently attending regularly protests at a local murder center. This is an effective use of church members.

Denver Todd, I wasn't so much thinking about aborted babies as I was the adult population, however, are the condemned of any age group ever subject to salvation?

I do not know who God chooses and who he does not choose, except that those chosen receive salvation only through Christ.

If your name isn't in the book of life, does it really matter at what age you are called to judgement? I welcome additional comment as I am more familiar with certain periods of history and the modern political scene than I am on certain theological issues, so feel free to enlighten me on areas you may have a disagreement.

If your name isn't in the book of life, does it really matter at what age you are called to judgement?

If a reprobate man is murdered is it not evil?

David, I would say it depends. Really,we don't know who among us has a guarantee of salvation. We can speculate, but we don't know. As Christians, we try to follow God's commandments, one of which is thou shall not kill.

As to your specific question, the circumstances would be an issue. If I shoot a man who was predestined for damnation, for no reason other than I want to see what it's like to kill someone, then, certainly, that is an evil act.

If I stumble upon a 30 year old reprobate man in the process of raping a 2 year old child and I reflexively put a bullet (or 12) in him, that is not an evil act---it's justice.

If I stumble upon a 30 year old reprobate man in the process of raping a 2 year old child and I reflexively put a bullet (or 12) in him, that is not an evil act---it's justice.

You might note that I said if a reprobate man is MURDERED is it not evil?  Defending a 2 year old is not murder.  Your answer has the appearance of deceit.  Perhaps you misread me and would like to try again?

Mike Shields wrote:

Although sickening, it's all relative. Currently, the Earth's population is estimated at around 7 billion. Of that number, an estimated 1.2 billion claim to be Christian.

When Pope Francis was elected as the new Pope, I read that there were about 1.2 billion Roman Catholics in the world at this time. Wikipedia, using 2005 and 2006 sources, says that there are about 2.1 billion Christians in the world, including the worldwide Anglican Communion, Eastern Orthodoxy, Protestantism, and the Roman Catholic Church. Using these sources about about 1.1 billion Christians are Orthodox, Anglican, or Protestant. I don't know what the current number of Christians worldwide is using the definition of Christian as Roman Catholic, Anglican, Eastern Orthodox, and Protestant.

Don't want to nit-pick but was just wondering where you were getting your figures and how you defined Christians.

Well OK David, the sixth commandment translates as "you shall not murder."

Not to get too much into semantics, but killing someone who is attacking a 2 year old is murder, but it's justifiable homicide.

Murder IS evil. If you wish to tie your statement in to my earlier reply please do so, but I'm hitting the sack and won't be able to pick up the discussion until tomorrow.

Sue, please nit-pick. I recall that figure from over a decade ago and had forgotten it was just the number of RC's. Change 1.2 to 2.1 and 4.9 respectively.

I am finding a number of views on the salvation of aborted babies. On one side, there is the whole argument of "age of accountability," which means that since aborted babies never reach that, or heard the gospel or have an opportunity to sin after birth, that they get a free pass into heaven. On the other side, since "saying the sinner's prayer" is the only way to be saved, all the aborted are condemned. If I was still an evangelical, I would take one of these positions, but none of this is reformed.

The position I would like to take--I invite criticism on this if I am wrong--is that election applies to aborted babies as it does to the rest of us: God will save those who he wants to, not a single soul shall be lost that he has elected to salvation. I don't think that abortion creates a loophole to this.

It slightly relates to the relationship between God and the Jews; I would like to have a more studied position on this, but I think that a covenant still exists in which some shall be elected to salvation, though outright declaration of messiahship is missing. I tread lightly on this, as I am applying my human wisdom here, which is miniscule in relation to the wisdom of God.

I think for the death of a an unborn child whose parents are part of God's covenant and people there are immensely comforting promises.  I don't know how to apply those promises to the children of rebels against God although God is indeed sovereign in all things and if He elects to save those children nobody will say anything but hallelujah. 

But nobody is innocent in conception, all are born in sin and deserve death, hell and the grave.  Without the monergistic work of God nobody will be saved, child or adult.

Murder IS evil.

Then murdering children in the womb is evil, whether the children are regenerate or not.

Whoa David. I hope I have not given the impression that I support abortion in ANY circumstance. I don't, but merely wished to remind folks that most of the world won't be receiving salvation and that those numbers are also sickening.


Great!  These kind of statements:

If your name isn't in the book of life, does it really matter at what age you are called to judgement?

made me wonder if you weren't trying to minimize the import. 

It is almost certain that at least some of those sacrificing their babies to Molech in ancient Israel were covenant believers. So that Christians would go along with abortion should not be a surprise. As always, repentance must begin with God's covenant children if we are to have any hope of pagans turning away from this evil.

I was wondering, how do we know that the house-church Christians in China are going along with abortions?

Here are a couple of guys, one dead and one still living, who think that all persons who die in infancy are elect.

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