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Kamilla called my attention to this piece about the draw that Christendom's children feel to demon worship (not that a lot of Christendom's worship hasn't been, and isn't, demon worship also).

Anyhow, likely one of the larger Hindu temples in the country is a mile or so from the house David and I grew up in near the intersection of Army Trail Road and Route 59 thirty-five miles or so northwest of Chicago. Subscribing to Chesterton's view that a man will have no success understanding a religion's texts until he's learned to read their icons, about ten years ago while visiting Mud, Mary Lee and I went over to the temple and walked the campus examining its idols. The evil was palpable.

It was like touring the Mormons' Temple Square, yet maybe opposite? Both worship the lusts of man, but Mormons paint an image of light with words and pictures and Mitt Romney whereas Hindus paint an image that's pitch-black. Mormons market a good package to seduce the half-Christian hoping to go mad: lots of children, pretty families, Christian words and music, Christian Scriptures (plagiarized), and many wives. Hindus have the fertility thing down, too, but they don't bother to lie. They live in a dark land enslaved to the Evil One so they make a principle of the Evil One and his darkness.

I've never been inside a Mormon or Hindu temple but I can tell you neither of the ones I've walked around has windows. Inside, though, I'm guessing the Mormon temples have lots of... artificial light trying to assuage your fears while Hindu temples have lots of darkness. (Did you know the Hindu temples of India have huge treasures of silver, gold, and precious stones--one temple alone twenty-three billion dollars worth?)

Do you see my Reformed Protestantism coming out, here? We worship the Trinitarian God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in spirit and in truth. We don't try to mediate His presence with pictures or images. The light shines in through clear windows—if possible, three of them per side—and all our pomp and circumstance is reserved for the Word and His words in His Word.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things came into being through Him, and apart from Him nothing came into being that has come into being. In Him was life, and the life was the Light of men. The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it. - John 1:1-5

We are surrounded by sons and daughters of the Covenant growing to maturity in Covenant churches and homes. May we live and breath and have our being in such a way as to call those sons and daughters to repentance and faith so that, compared to Christian discipleship, these demon worships will look to them like saving their lives instead of losing them.

How tragic that any child of Christendom is so tired of Western materialism that he is on pilgrimage to India hoping someone there will tell him how to die. So he may have life and have it more abundantly.

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A friend read the article and commented:

Though informative in its details, the article annoyed me (not that you’d be surprised to learn that); not primarily because it expected its audience to be shocked that young Westerners would look for spiritual solutions in the wrong places and wrong ways (duh!), but that the author kept trying to make the point that this spiritual search in itself was the “insane” part and why would otherwise “grounded” (“stable,” “educated”, “wealthy”, “well-bred”, “roman catholic” etc….) young people do this?

That is to say, I was annoyed by his presumptions which lead him to refuse to see (not just miss) the proverbial Titanic in the room:

We are each and every one of us walking toward the cliff of our own mortality (plainly clear to everyone) and Judgment (plainly clear to most with an intact conscience), and so the insane ones are not those who desperately, though vainly, attempt to do something about it. No, to the contrary, the insane ones are those who lah-de-dah through life never even acknowledging the cliff. The insane ones are those who do not spend the precious moments of their lives trying to solve their mortality and sin(!) problems. In fact, we even agree to become insane by taking that Soma.

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and fifteen grandchildren.


Tim, I pulled into Singapore on the USS Nimitz some years ago and a small Baptist mission was giving tours to both the Buhdist Temple, the largest in Southeast Asia, and the Hindu temple. Both were eye opening. The Buhdist Temple had a multitude of statues of both fat and skinny Buhdas (accommodating both the Chinese majority and small Thai/Cambodian/Indonesian population) and various places to pray or meditate. One such place was a small altar with incense burning to the “unknown God.” It was there just in case the temple builders missed one god who might be able to help.

The Hindu temple was as dark as you have imagined, though the statues were lit up and the faithful were there with their children paying obeisance. At the idol for Shiva and his wife, the goddess holds a child in its lap and chews on it’s intestines. Here is a picture of the idol from the outside… On the inside, on the actual altar, it is worse for there is an even younger child in the goddess’s lap and more blood dripping from her mouth.  When I was there a mother had her little girl kneeling down and praying with her. I wondered at the time what such imagery would do to a child. Shiva was a diminutive little idol standing by her side, but they represent the same forces and attributes.

One more detail… We asked a couple of the Hindu priests/monks what the significance of the goddess chewing on the child’s intestines was.  Neither one sounded real confident, as if they had no standard, but the first guessed Shiva was a doctor so you should ask this idol for healing. The other refuted his brother and said the child represented something wicked and the destroyer was killing it out of justice.

Shiva is both destroyer and life giver. The River Ganges is said to flow from his head.

We have replaced the beauty of holiness with entertainment and this type of “use your imagination” worship the Hindu’s offer is appealing to those who have an “unrevealed” religion.

Hell revealed. Love,

What always strikes me about Mormon temples (I've seen those in San Diego, Salt Lake, and Nauvoo from the outside) is how they are very cold architecturally, and do not really point to Heaven the way the grand old churches and cathedrals do with a high-roofed inner chamber.

Rather, the overall impression is of a prison or some dungeon from a sci-fi book or movie.

And quite frankly, a statue like the one Al Stout linked needs to be in front of every abortion clinic, don't you think?

What people have said about Hindu or Mormon temples could also be said about Freemasonry's Lodges, not that I have ever been in one. I have once been in a mosque, but that left me with a very different feeling.

The Nauvoo "Temple" is definitely Scottish Rite, Ross.  For that matter, P.J. O'Rourke commented that a lot of voodoo resembles Masonic rituals he saw as the son of a Mason.

And Freemasonry is not something I can ever recall being discussed on Baylyblog? Not in my time, anyway, IIRC. No matter, no doubt we have bigger fish to fry.

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