Clearnote Pastors/Church Officers Conference begins this evening...

Please pray for us. We're getting ready for the beginning of the Clearnote Pastors/Church Officers Conference this evening. We'll have over fifty this year which makes all of us very thankful to you and to our Father. The theme is "Preach the Word" which would seem to be the one thing every Reformed or Evangelical pastor already does faithfully.

Sadly, none of us have been killed, recently; none of us are in jail; and only a few of us have been fired for resembling Jeremiah, Amos, Stephen, Peter, or Paul. So yes, this conference is needed, particularly by those of us intimidated and maybe envious of men well-paid by aquisitions editors and conference-organizing coalitions.

"What? I thought this was a post puffing your own conference? Seems a little inconsistent, dude—ya know?"

Yup, this is a conference and I just got done thanking you and our Heavenly Father for bringing so many men to it. So what gives?

What gives is that this conference... is a time of preaching. That for starters. Not lectures to disembodied brains posing as shepherds, but the Word of God applied to the consciences of His undershepherds so we may care for our sheep more painfully, and therefore more fruitfully.

Then also, this conference is wholly given over to promoting the things that are not as opposed to the things that are. We're calling one another to faithfulness in setting ourselves on fire for the salvation and sanctification of our sheep. Which means we're calling one another to the foolishness of the Cross. To weakness. To being burned up in our work (or I should say, His work).

Next year, would you please consider sending your pastors and elders and deacons to a different kind of conference where the aim is not to please men, but God. Given the humility of the thing, the fellowship is extra-sweet.

And if you're registered for this year, I/we can't wait to see you in a few hours!

Added at 5:37 PM: the snow is falling, Suzee and the daughters of Zion are almost ready with the lasagna and bread, our fireplace at home has been going all day, ready for after-worship fellowship, Phil is clearing his throat and David has prayed; let the joy begin!

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and fifteen grandchildren.


Sadly, I won't be there. This conference begins on the 33rd anniversary of my wedding, and Barbara and I will spend it with another couple whom we've known and loved since before any of us were married. Christian fellowship that stretches back 45 years has a quality that only time in His service will create.  Maybe next year. 

We'll miss you, Father Bill. May God bless you and Barbara's anniversary reunion with much joy.


"...disembodied brains posing as shepherds..." Love it, though so often unfortunately true.

I miss being with you all any time you have anything special, but especially the Pastor's Conf.  There is such a great need for a conference that focues on Preaching... and the men God has called to do it.  Most of the "walking dead" who fill the pulpits of the American evangelical church could all use a double-dose of what you will be liberally filling the Clearenote Church building.   I will be praying for you all  with thankgiving.   Greet the brothers for me,


Don, we missed having you with us. Maybe next year? Give our love to your family.

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