If you laugh, a sincere Evangelical may bring you up on charges...

Says son-in-law, Ben Crum, "if you laugh, you might be racist." Too true. When African-Americans can make fun of whites and whites of African-Americans, there may be hope of our melting pot actually melting and potting.

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and fifteen grandchildren.


Or even black people that come from some place other than Africa.

>>some place other than Africa.


Well not that I know of. I was thinking about a friend's Jamaican pastor that in a good-natured way complained about being called African-American. Then again I get confused by having a white pastor originally from Africa.

So the new Beetle will turn me into a Rasta, dope and all? 

I think I'll be keeping my GMC a little while longer.  I lived in Boulder long enough to know where this "white Rasta" thing leads.  :^)

Oh, and....


Weird Al; hope for racial reconciliation!

Boulder, eh?

not the people-watching fun palace it used to be. It's been taken over by upper middle-class bleeding heart granola wannabes. Sorta like Morrison-Kittredge-Evergreen and their fake cowboys. 

Our pulpit supplier mentioned on Sunday that he doesn't like to be called African American.  I liked him instantly.

Kamilla; yup, Boulder, which taught me how to root for the Huskers.  And laugh hilariously at what I saw on Pearl Street, not to mention wealthy Californians with dreadlocks, hemp clothing, and who knows what else.  (I lived in Longmont until 2003)

Like I said, I know where the white rasta thing goes.   :^)

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