If I could have a beer with Jesus...

A dear bro sent this link wondering if it's blasphemous? Not at all. He should read my Dad's Christmas story, "How Silently, How Silently," about Jesus coming to Wheaton. Jesus drank wine with his twelve buddies.

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and fifteen grandchildren.


Jesus drank wine with his twelve buddies.

Too bad he wouldn't be allowed to do that at His Supper in so many NAPARC churches.

One theological error is that, like it or not, the beer is not on our tab, but on Jesus'. 

And I'm thinking it'd be a stout.

Well, it is often said: where there are four Episcopalians, there will also be a 'fifth'. ;-)

I was wondering the same thing about this song. I heard an interview with Thomas Rett this morning and still wasn't sure. I wanted to like the song and listen to it, especially after hearing the artist talk about his faith on a very popular country station during rush hour. But I'm still not convinced that his use of Jesus' name is appropriate. 

Maybe I'm expecting to much from a country singer but these are questions that many people are asking. To leave them unanswered in unhelpful at best and blasphemous at worst. It leaves the listener thinking that these questions don't have answers or that the answers don't matter, both of which are lies. 

What we need are men who will proclaim God's Truth not use His Name to make money. As I write this, i'm realizing that it's not just country singers who fall in this way. 

Alternative title: Spending time with the Jesus with whom I'm comfortable.


As a former Episcopalian, now Anglican, a 'cradle Episcopalian' told me something like this, "Since Episcopalians aren't teetolars, we're sometimes known as the "Whiskeypalians".

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