Tesla Model S...

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This is good news for these United States. Motor Trend's Car of the Year is the Tesla Model S, an all-electric four door sedan with more storage space than an SUV, touch-screen cabin controls with upgradeable system software, a range of between 140 and 265 miles (depending on your battery pack), safety stats at the top of the heap, batteries mounted under the floor giving the S a 17.5 inch center of gravity, and 0-60 in 4.0 seconds (if you buy the high-end model). Under Motor Trend's article, one commenter says the speed of the S rates somewhere between driving his Ferrari 430 and his 458.

Motor Trend's selection of the Model S as their COTY was unanimous and it's the first non-combustion engine car that's received the award...

Tesla has installed fire hydrant-fast chargers along certain driving corridors that S drivers will be able to use at no charge for life, but even these quick-chargers take half an hour to add 150 miles to the S's range. So the top of the line S with the largest battery pack (85-kW-hr) using a quick-charging station will be limited to 400 miles per day, which is to say the S will be a suburban/urban thing.

By the way, my neighbor doesn't have a Model S, so I'm not coveting.

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