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2013 Clearnote Pastors ConferenceOn Thursday, February 21st and Friday, February 22nd, Clearnote Fellowship is holding its 2nd annual pastors conference titled "Preach the Word" at Clearnote Church, Bloomington, IN. If you are (or aspire to be) a pastor, elder, or deacon, I hope you'll come. And if you're not an officer, would you please encourage your own pastors, elders, and deacons to attend? In fact, pay for them to go. It will be a wonderful gift to them and your church. Register now.

Here is the line-up...

1. Not sent to baptize (1 Corinthians 1:17-25) — David Bayly

The pressure to trivialize preaching assaults pastors from all sides—from video venues to sacramentalism. Compare the role of preaching in the life of our churches with ages past and this becomes obvious. But the preaching of the Word has always been central to the life and worship of healthy churches.

 2. Itching ears (2 Timothy 4:1-5) — Stephen Baker

Televangelists are not the only preachers doing violence to the Word of God in our time. Our pulpits are full of men who have been trained to conspire with their congregations to muzzle the Holy Spirit while appearing pious. Are you one of them?

3. Men with feet of clay (2 Corinthians 4:1-12) — Max Curell

God could have sent angels to preach, said Calvin, but He sent sinners. True preaching is humiliating, painful, foolish. But pastors are servants of the Word—dying men sent to dying people.

4. Who can listen to it? (John 6:60-71) — Tim Bayly

Preaching is an assault on the consciences of men, aiming to drive them to repentance and faith. It is an impossible and dangerous task—who has faith for it? We must humble ourselves and depend on the Holy Spirit to work as He's promised.

Thursday February 21st

6:00-7:00pm        Registration

7:00-9:15            Dinner and Session I: Not Sent to Baptize           

                          – David Bayly

9:15-9:20            Worship

9:20-                  Meet and Greet           

Friday February 22nd

8:30-9:00am        Continental Breakfast           

9:00-9:05            Worship

9:05-10:20          Session II: Itching Ears           

                          – Stephen Baker

10:20-10:45        Morning Break

10:45-12:00        Session III: Men with Feet of Clay           

                          – Max Curell

12:00-1:00pm            Lunch           

1:00-1:10            Announcements and Worship

1:10-2:25            Session IV: Who Can Listen to It?           

                           – Tim Bayly

2:25-2:30            Worship           

2:30-3:00            Afternoon Break

3:00-4:30            Q&A (Panel Discussion with Pastors)