If San Francisco has a fundamental right to sodomy, Salt Lake City has a fundamental right to polygamy and New York City to pedophilia...

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Woe to those who enact evil statutes... - Isaiah 10:1a

This is a helpful piece demonstrating the irrational nature of arguments for legislation establishing a right to sodomite marriage. Here's an excerpt...

slavery (race)
injustices against Jews (ethnicity)
lack of equal rights for women (gender) 
genocide (race/ethnicity/nationality/tribe)
Each of these examples demonstrates prejudices against a group of people because of who they are, which should be contrasted with, say, the actions they perform. The actions a person performs do get judged, but we can’t say that if someone dislikes or even outlaws a particular action it is discrimination. ...it is impossible to be prejudiced against a person’s action. For example:

Is it prejudiced to condemn someone who doesn’t stop at stop signs?
Is it discrimination to object to someone who jaywalks at intersections?
Is it unjust to condemn someone who doesn’t pay taxes?

A man may argue sodomy is fundamental to his identity, but a similar argument may be made about any sin. Imagine all the Mormons just waiting to argue that multiple wives is fundamental to their First Amendment rights. Pederasts arguing that having sex with young children is who they are. A married couple announcing that killing their newborn children is who they are as persons, and they refuse to do it while their children are still in the womb.

You see, once Bryan McLaren and David Jones promote the legalization of sodomy, there's nothing barring them from promoting the legalization of bestiality and polygamy and infanticide. Each is an abomination before God and each has (or soon will have) a constituency group claiming their particular abomination is at the core of their personhood.

Tim Bayly

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