The Warfield misattribution on Tenth's web site will be corrected this afternoon...

(NOTE: I was just notified that Tenth's web site will be corrected this afternoon, October 2, 2012.)

Back on June 15, 2008, I wrote the now-president of Wheaton College, Phil Ryken, pointing out serious errors in his P&R commentary on 1Timothy. Following our private correspondence I did a post on these errors. They matter because Phil (Phil and I are related by marriage) has wrongly attributed a statement in support of woman deacons to B. B. Warfield and his misattribution has been distributed within the PCA as justification for changing the PCA's polity to approve woman officers in the church.

To this day, Phil has not bothered to correct this document distributed by Tenth's web site. Here are two screen shots proving Phil's misattribution lives on today on the PDF on Tenth's web site. Phil writes that B. B. Warfield...

After the post was published, Phil and I exchanged several private e-mails in which I reiterated my request that he take the steps necessary to correct his errors. Specifically, I asked him to correct the PDF he was distributing through the Tenth Presbyterian Church web site. Since making that request, several times I've noted and provided links to Phil's mistake still being served on Tenth's web site.

Why the lack of concern for truth and accuracy among PCA pastors who have served churches that have woman officers? My brother, David, pointed out the similarity of Phil's errors to Tim Keller's errors in his own promotion of woman officers.

Over on a web site he shares with some friends, back in 2008 Phil claimed:

"Mr. Bayly knows... this error was corrected on the Tenth Church website several months ago."

It's now been four years and three months and Phil's error lives on over on Tenth Presbyterian's web site. Check it out.

Imagine Jim Boice leaving a published citation that puts words in the mouth of Princeton's B. B. Warfield on Tenths' web site for four years and three months after he was notified of his mistake and given the address of the mistake on Tenths' web site.


Tim Bayly

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Sadly, pastors are among the slowest group of Christians to admit that we are wrong and to simply and humbly correct our errors.

and it doesn't appear to have been updated.

It has been now. 

I am having a not dissimilar time trying to get Stephen Mosher's Population Research Institute to correct a slander against Thomas Malthus claiming that he advocated killing off the poor and thought doctors shouldn't work to cure diseases, on their overpopulationisamyth site. A year of calls, emails, snail mail and a comment ( ) have produced no visible results.

How can I abandon the work without abandoning the people of PRI, though, and I don't want to abandon the people of PRI.

I have high respect for Mosher, but sometimes these orthodox Roman Catholics are unwilling to admit their slanders of Protestants picked up from generations before them are, in fact, slanders. It's like Chesterton's slanders of Calvin....

Anyhow, you and Joseph should do a Baylyblog post on this, well-documented. Willing?


I'm willing.

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