Lance Armstrong's disgrace...

Since the earlier Baylyblog post on Lance Armstrong, the sky has been falling on the man and we don't yet seem to be near the end of the obluquy pouring down on him. Here's an excellent article on doping in sports and Armstrong's disgrace. The article ends...

You have to admire the stick-to-itiveness and courage of USADA. Its investigation was as long as it was exhaustive, and Armstrong was no easy target. Unlike the unlikable Barry Bonds or the drab Mark McGuire, Armstrong was a sympathetic figure, a cancer survivor, the face of a popular charity. People wanted to believe his story, no matter what their lying eyes were telling them.

Lance Armstrong trashed all that good faith.

The only way to restore even a smidgeon of it is to stop the lies and come clean. ...But it starts with honesty; so far, Armstrong has shown he doesn't have it in him.

Livestrong? No, Liveright.

Speaking candidly, I wonder if any Christian father can encourage his sons (or daughters) to pursue a sports career today. Start out with the adulation, add the money and travel, throw in the immodesty, acknowledge the competition with Lord's Day corporate worship that starts when the child is on travelling teams and continues through to the professional level, pour in the drugs, then end with debilitating injuries and (in many cases) early death.

The only thing we suspect would be sufficient to make a Christian parent push his son into this cesspool is a desire for a vicarious thrill compounded by greed and pride--the same things that cause Christian parents to push their daughters and many of their sons into med school, for instance.

Do we all remember that Jesus chose "unschooled ordinary men" as his Apostles?

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and fifteen grandchildren.


Amen. Thank you.

I ran track and cross country into college, and today I can't really encourage my daughters to run competitively because of what goes on, starting with the fact that they're basically running in swimsuits.  Really bizaare that someone actually persuaded female distance runners to run in that get-up, by the way.

I read a curious article about Armstrong and possible fatherhood issues that really makes you feel for the guy, but I won't link to it as it has dodgy sidebars.

It says Armstrong was abandoned by his father aged 2, and has always refused to meet him.

It suggests his relentless chase for success even to the point of using PED's was fuelled by wanting to prove himself after the wound of being abandoned by his father.

It also suggests the point that I think was implied in one of the testimonies in the USADA report - that his cancer was actually caused by his use of PED's, and ironically was a cancer of the most masculine part of a man's body.

Makes sense. Thanks, Henry.

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