Wheaton, Grace, and BIOLA file suit...

I am very encouraged that Wheaton College joined the Roman Catholics in filing suit against President Obama's nationalized health care some weeks ago. And now, two other Evangelical colleges are doing so also: Grace College and Seminary here in Indiana and BIOLA out in Los Angeles. My rejoicing isn't because Evangelicals are standing up against the Democrats or President Obama, but because all three institutions have shown they see what's coming down the pike and they are on guard. As every church and brother in Christ should be.

And praise God for the work of Alliance Defending Freedom (formerly Alliance Defense Fund). May God prosper them.

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and fifteen grandchildren.


It's great that these schools are on guard. They understand that forcing Christian organizations to fund Obama's Abortifacient Mandate is just the first of many religious freedoms at risk.

Do the PCA General Assembly, Covenant College and Covenant Seminary

also get it?

From the PCA Website:

"Noting that “we are one body,” David French of the American Center for Law and Justice [and PCA member] asked his fellow Protestants, “Are we so wedded to our distinctions from our Catholic brothers and sisters that we’ll fail to rally to their aid, much less closely examine our own apparent willingness to quietly cover and fund abortifacients?”"



"It's [The HHS Contraception Mandate] compulsory participation in the sexual revolution ... one that in many ways will trump the American Revolution."
-Rev. Dr. Richard Land, President of the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics and Religious Liberty

Since the HHS Contraception Mandate would require Christian organizations to provide abortifacients to employees, what is the PCA doing to prevent not only these homicides but also the Federal Government's violation of religious conscience?

According to Mr. French and Dr. Land, if this gets a foothold, there's no telling what the Government would require next that would further violate the Christian conscience and even overshadow the American Revolution.


"When our involvement in social issues brings us into contact and camaraderie with Roman Catholics, we need not draw back."
-R.C. Sproul, "How Should Protestants Relate to Roman Catholics?," Aug 27, 2012

Coming fresh from teaching Buchanan's superlative The Doctrine of Justification just now, the Roman Catholic church is heretical and Roman Catholics are closer to the Cross of Jesus Christ than Protestants, today. Those souls who have been under the priests of Roman Catholicism know they are sinners under the wrath of God whereas this truth must not be spoken by Protestant pastors--especially Reformed Protestant pastors.

Thus Roman Catholics, although in a church formally opposed to the Biblical doctrine of justification, are nevertheless with compunction of conscience whereas Reformed Protestants, although in churches formally committed to the Biblical doctrine of justification, are nevertheless without compunction of conscience.

In not preaching the Law of God, His wrath against sinners, and the doctrine of repentance, Reformed Protestants pastors have departed from the Biblical doctrine of justification, and thus have led their flocks into an error worse than Roman Catholicism itself.


That reminds me of a pastor who once told me that much of modern evangelicalism has embraced Rome's vices and discarded her virtues, sort of a mirror image of Reformational Christianity.

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